Goering Center Professional Services Registry - Areas of Expertise

Goering Center / Lawrence (Larry) Van Kirk / Valuation Research Corp  / 312 Walnut St Ste 1700, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Family and private businesses encounter very unique issues over the course of their evolution, and they rarely have all the expertise they need in house. This is where the Professional Services Registry of the Goering Center comes into play. 

Several of our Goering Center membership specifically offer the expertise that family and private businesses need. These providers are listed here by area of expertise for convenient identification*.

*Be advised that the organizations listed self-identify their expertise. The Goering Center does not warrant their services or verify their qualifications.

The Goering Center respects the privacy of our members, and provides a safe-haven environment. Members agree not to market to or solicit other members, but are encouraged to buy from each other. Names, addresses, and contact information are strictly confidential and are to be used only for member-to-member communications.