Research & Areas of Expertise

Faculty in the department of operations, business analytics and information systems regularly publish in leading academic journals and in editorial positions for many of these same publications, such as:

  • Data Base
  • Decision Analysis
  • Information Systems Research
  • Interfaces
  • Journal of Operations Management
  • MIS Quarterly
  • Operations Research
  • Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Management Science
  • Quality Management Journal

Fall 2023

  • OBAIS Professor and MBA Director Johnny Rungtusanatham had an article accepted in Decision Sciences about the importance of replication studies. This paper proposes a novel framework about replication endeavors and describes a procedure for conducting replication studies that optimize publication success. This piece is also the seminal piece for a new department at Decision Sciences called "Department of Replication Studies" for which Rungtusanatham will serve as the founding department editor.
  • Associate Professor of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems Binny Samuel and OBAIS PhD candidate Truong (Jack) Luu coauthored "Measuring Crypto Literacy" with Assistant Professor of Economics Michael Jones, PhD.

Summer 2023

  • Associate professor Dong-Gil Ko, PhD, had his coauthored paper, “The Impact of Accelerated Digitization on Patient Portal Use by Underprivileged Racial Minority Groups During COVID-19: Longitudinal Study,” published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Fall 2022

  • David Rapien, OBAIS assistant professor-educator co-wrote a book “Integrating Data” that discusses the pitfalls of data integration into data warehouses.

Joseph S. Stern Professor of Business Analytics Yan Yu, PhD, had multiple articles accepted by notable journals:

  • “Reidentification Risk in Panel Data: Protecting for k-Anonymity” was formally accepted Information Systems Research. Yu and her co-writers “consider the risk of reidentification of panelists in marketing research data that are widely used to obtain insights into buyer behavior and to develop a marketing strategy.” 
  • “Ultra-high Dimensional Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data: an Application to Blood Pressure Analysis” appeared in the Journal of the American Statistical Association. Yu and her coauthors — which include OBAIS PhD student Tianhai Zu — aim to identify important risk factors linked to high blood pressure over more than half-million genotype and repeated measurements of phenotype factors. 
  • “Corporate Probability of Default: A Discrete Single-Index Hazard Model Approach,” was published in the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. Here, Yu and her coauthors “propose a flexible yet easy-to-interpret default-prediction single-index hazard model.”
  • “Does Judicial Foreclosure Procedure Help Delinquent Subprime Mortgage Borrowers?” was published in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. Yan Yu and her coauthors "conduct comprehensive analyses on whether and how the judicial foreclosure procedure helps subprime mortgage borrowers to reinstate their delinquent loans outside foreclosure liquidation."

Real-world Business Insights

See our faculty’s research in action as it drives decisions and practices for real-world business problems:

Automation: Your new workplace BFF


Liwei Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems, Director, BBA Information Systems.

Knowledge workers are preparing for the battle of their lifetime: worker versus machine. But workers can function side-by-side with intelligent systems to expand their knowledge base and potentially improve performance. 

Employee reactions to intelligent systems can vary based on experience level, but managers can assuage these reactions with certain tactics, such as ensuring transparency, providing concrete examples of the systems’ benefits and carefully designing training programs. 

“Managers can tailor interventions to employees with different levels of work experience based on the insights from our work,” said Liwei Chen, PhD, assistant professor of operations, business analytics, and information systems, and Director, BBA Information Systems.


  • Improved employee performance is not guaranteed when implementing intelligent systems in the workplace. 
  • Employees will call upon their previous work experience to adapt to the technology — with novice and experienced employees adapting differently — but also need adequate support resources from their company to ensure a successful implementation and smooth transition process.


“How Does Intelligent System Knowledge Empowerment Yield Payoffs? Uncovering the Adaptation Mechanisms and Contingency Role of Work Experience,” Information Systems Research.

Lindner Faculty

Liwei Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems


JJ Po-An Hsieh, PhD, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

Arun Rai, PhD, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

Research Highlights

Joseph S. Stern Professor of Business Analytics Yan Yu, PhD, published four coauthored articles within weeks of each other at the intersection of finance, information systems, law, machine learning, marketing, medicine and statistics.

One of Yu's articles, "Corporate Probability of Default: A Discrete Single-Index Hazard Model Approach,” was published in the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics and aimed to accurately forecast a firm's probability of defacult.