Commercialization is the single most valuable way for translating science and technology research into environmental and societal impact.

What is Lab2Market?

Lab2Market is a multi-phased entrepreneurial program for graduate-level UC STEM students with a two-pronged purpose:

  • Introduce graduate STEM students to entrepreneurship and the technology commercialization process.
  • Help students think about the market applications of their research so they can be stronger candidates for industry-related jobs.
Phase I: Symposium (see below)
Phase II: Customer Discovery Fellowship (see below)

Phase III: (Startup) Launch Fellowship (forthcoming)


Participants will come away from the Lab2Market Symposium with a strong understanding of the technology commercialization process, and the entrepreneurial mindset and toolkit to recognize and evaluate future business opportunities in their own research and professional career.

During the workshop, participants will hear from UC faculty founders and learn about the entrepreneurial resources available to them at UC. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to gain feedback on their research from local entrepreneurs and investors familiar with the market landscape in their research area.

Lab2Market Symposium 2023

Lab2Market Symposium 2023 will take place on September 29 at the UC Digital Futures Complex. This free event is for UC graduate students with a STEM research area of focus.

Apply to the Lab2Market 2023 Symposium here.

Top Applicants Receive $100 Credit

Selected attendees will be eligible for a $100 scholarship credit to be applied to their Catalyst account. Note:  such payment could adjust or limit federal aid eligibility so if you have any concerns consult the Financial Aid office before the credit is distributed to your account (post-event Sept. 29t).

All applicants were able to participate virtually in portions of the day's programming. In-person participants were expected to participate in a pre-event, lead-up workshop to prepare them for how to share their research to others in the context of the market landscape.

Application Process

Lab2Market is open to all UC graduate students whose research connects in some way to a STEM discipline. Participants will be selected based on their research and commercialization interests.

Apply to the Lab2Market 2023 Symposium here.

The deadline to apply is Friday, August 25th 2023 at 5:00PM.

Customer Discovery Fellowship

The Lab2Market Phase II program is focused on helping students learn how to conduct customer discovery research to better understand the market applications of their own research, an idea not connected to their research and/or the research of another UC stakeholder (i.e. a UC faculty member and/or a Venture Lab company) that they may be matched to.

The program meets weekly with students in a cohort environment where the student will learn how to conduct market research and be challenged to deliver weekly deliverables that will require one to build a network of potential customers and industry connections. Modeled after the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps program, students will come away from the program with a strong understanding of the Lean Startup methodology and a network of industry connections that may be useful to the student for future research and/or career development.

Additional resources (mentorship and funding) may be available at the conclusion of the program for continued venture development.


Students are expected to work 8-10 hours a week on their customer discovery research over a 14-week semester schedule and attend a 60-90 minute weekly meeting where content will be delivered and students present their learnings to date.

Accepted participants will receive a $5,000 fellowship that will be awarded in the second and ninth weeks of the term.

Application Process

Students may apply with either an idea connected to their research or with an idea outside their research area. Additionally, students without their own idea may apply to the program with the intent that they will be matched to a UC faculty member or UC-affiliated startup to conduct customer discovery research for the assigned team.

Top students will be selected for the 2023-24 Lab2Market Phase 2 Customer Discovery Fellowship.

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Kate Harmon

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