Academic Advising

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business has assigned advisors for all admitted students to support you on your journey to becoming an empowered business problem solver.

See below for both undergraduate and graduate academic advising information.

Undergraduate Advising

Students in the following categories will need to visit the appropriate webpages or call the office at 513-556-7030 for information on processes:

  • If you are a non-Lindner College of Business student completing a business minor;
  • If you are a suspended student looking to be readmitted to the College;
  • If you are a former Lindner College of Business student looking to be readmitted to the College.

Undergraduate Advising + Programs Office

Carl H. Lindner Hall, First Floor
2906 Woodside Drive
Phone: 513-556-7030

If entering from the doors near Campus Green Drive Parking Garage:

  • Proceed up the stairs to the first floor
  • Take a left towards the round, red, seat cubicles
  • Go through the glass doors and check in at the front desk

If entering from the doors near Main Street:

  • Head toward the elevator bank and up the three stairs
  • Take a right towards the round, red, seat cubicles
  • Go through the glass doors and check in at the front desk

Summer 2024 Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST

Students may schedule appointments with advisors online by using My Bearcat Network

Students who need assistance with appointment scheduling may visit the Undergraduate Programs Office on the first floor of Lindner Hall or call 513-556-7030.

Advising appointments are not scheduled through email.

The advising syllabus was created to assist you with negotiating your transition to college and the escalating responsibilities of your academic career. You should refer to the UC Office of the Registrar's academic calendars for important dates and deadlines each semester.

Get in the habit of checking your student email account daily for valuable information from Lindner and UC.

What advisors expect from students

  • Attend appointments and/or make email contact with your advisor each semester;
  • Come to each appointment prepared with questions or material for discussion;
  • Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern;
  • Complete all “to-dos” or recommendations from your advisor;
  • Gather all relevant decision-making information;
  • Become knowledgeable about Lindner programs, policies and procedures;
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions.

What students can expect from advisors

  • Provide academic support to ensure successful progression to graduation;
  • Explain academic policies and procedures;
  • Encourage and support development of the skills necessary to attain educational plans;
  • Provide information and strategies for using University resources and services;
  • Monitor and accurately document progress;
  • Collaborate to ensure academic success;
  • Collaborate to facilitate comprehensive student support;
  • Maintain confidentiality pursuant to FERPA;
  • Support PACE tenets in each student’s development.

Student responsibilities

  • Register for appropriate courses, including math and English;
  • Develop an understanding of PACE — Lindner’s innovative, experiential and holistic approach to business education;
  • Build your portfolio of experiences through extra- and cocurricular opportunities;
  • Attend and participate in all of your courses;
  • Report all previously earned credit to UC and confirm awarding of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or Post-Secondary credit with your advisor;
  • Approach faculty when you have questions and concerns;
  • Familiarize yourself with UC and Lindner policies;
  • Explore majors and minors of interest;
  • Enroll in BA1080 Career Success Strategies in spring semester and explore internship and co-op possibilities.

Advisor responsibilities

  • Teach students the basics of the registration system;
  • Introduce PACE and Lindner learning objectives;
  • Provide documents and resources regarding curriculum and requirements;
  • Introduce campus resources in and outside of Lindner;
  • Conduct group advising sessions through Business Pathways and meet individually with students;
  • Introduce degree audit report and curriculum guide;
  • Point out campus and other resources on academic integrity;
  • Inform student of the range and scope of experiences available;
  • Encourage student to emphasize professional development.

Student responsibilities

  • Meet with Lindner International Programs to explore study abroad opportunities;
  • Develop your plan for Lindner Professional Experiences including internships or co-ops;
  • Come prepared to advising meetings — bring questions, concerns, projected schedule, and your degree audit;
  • Explore connections between your interests, strengths and potential career;
  • Finalize major and possible minor selections.

Advisor responsibilities

  • Connect student to appropriate resources (Lindner Career Services, International Programs);
  • Explain prerequisite coursework and prioritization of upper core and major courses;
  • Assist student in understanding the ramifications of how current decisions affect future professional goals.

Student responsibilities

  • Monitor your degree audit and create a graduation plan;
  • Follow prerequisite structure to register appropriately and maintain progress with major courses;
  • Research career options and graduate programs;
  • Network in your field;
  • Ensure faculty and professional references;
  • Enroll in BA 3080 Business Professionalism and Character, and update the Handshake jobs portal.

Advisor responsibilities

  • Check student’s academic progress during meeting times;
  • Provide student with projected course offerings to ensure appropriate scheduling;
  • Make appropriate referrals to pre-professional advising, graduate programs, Lindner Career Services, etc.;
  • Discuss applicable elective choices within the major.

Student responsibilities

  • Meet with advisor to contract to graduate six months prior to planned graduation;
  • Complete online application for graduation;
  • Begin job search process six to eight months before graduation.

Advisor responsibilities

  • Complete graduation contract with student, ensuring timely certification.
  • Due to advising capacity, students are not able to schedule same-day appointments.
  • During the heaviest registration periods, you may need to schedule at least two weeks in advance to schedule a meeting time.
  • Using the My Bearcat Network, you have access to your schedule in real time, should you need to make any adjustments to it.
  • Due to the student-to-advisor ratio, it is recommended that students plan ahead to schedule advising appointments.
  • Our goal is to try to see students within a shorter time frame. However, appropriate planning and awareness are necessary on the part of each student as well. Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes.
  • Students who do not arrive on time for an appointment will be asked to reschedule so as not to disrupt other student appointments. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please enter this on My Bearcat Network or emailing your advisor. 

Please consult the Undergraduate Programs Office or your advisor for assistance in choosing the right form(s) to meet your needs. Students should be mindful of the UC Office of the Regisrar's academic calendars regarding dates and deadlines for forms or other processes.

Declare or change MINORS ONLY

Certificate declaration form (Lindner students)

Certificate declaration form (non-Lindner students)

Other notable forms

Headshot of Pierre James

Pierre James

Director, Undergraduate Programs

M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, University of Akron

Ask me about: what book I'm reading or just finished, sports, that time I took an infinity stone from Thanos, when I taught Yoda how to use the force, or that time that I had lunch with Groot and had to order for him.

Headshot of Shari Coffey

Shari Coffey

Director, Online Programs and Non-Traditional Student Support

MA in Communication Studies, Bowling Green State University

Ask me about: my pandemic puppy, books, or my former life as a newspaper reporter.

Headshot of Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

Associate Director

M.Ed in College Student Affairs Leadership, Grand Valley State University

Ask me about: my favorite places to travel internationally and in the U.S., my kids, and what's for dinner?

Headshot of Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

Associate Director

M.Ed. in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Marquette University

Ask me about: what podcasts I listen to, favorite shows or movies to binge, opinion on who is the best villain of all time, or my nephew Clay and why he's the best.

Headshot of Michael Rowland

Michael Rowland

Assistant Director/Senior Academic Advisor

MS in Marketing, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: my cat, Toni Montana, my preferences in movies, and sports.

Headshot of Brittany Wagner

Brittany Wagner

Assistant Director

MS in Education in College Student Personnel, University of Dayton

Ask me about: the importance of prioritizing mental health; staying active, especially through volleyball, hiking and boating; what games I would bring to a game night.

Headshot of Joshua Barclay

Joshua Barclay

Senior Academic Advisor

Headshot of Olivia Cameron

Olivia Cameron

Senior Academic Advisor

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: my golden retriever, Joey, or my two cats, Monica and Phoebe, the Disney College Program (DCP Alum 2012), and anything related to Star Wars or the MCU.

Headshot of Sarah Jernigan, PhD

Sarah Jernigan, PhD

Senior Academic Advisor

PhD in Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: what I'm currently jammin' to on Spotify, best travel destinations, and the coolest campus brunch spots.

Headshot of Jaymee Smiddie

Jaymee Smiddie

Senior Academic Advisor

MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Miami University

Ask me about: Cincinnati sports (UC, Reds, Bengals, FC Cincinnati, Cincinnati Cyclones), my cat, Rory, and what book I'm reading this week.

Headshot of Chris Stone

Chris Stone

Senior Academic Advisor

BS in Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: sports, books I'm reading, or pets.

Headshot of Gavin Mitchell

Gavin Mitchell

Academic Advisor

BA in Organization Leadership and Communication Studies, Northern Kentucky University

Ask me about: my time as the lead singer of a band, the best places to see live music in Cincinnati, and why I love working in higher education!

Headshot of Ken Reeves

Ken Reeves

Academic Advisor

Master of Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Ask me about: Which episode of Star Trek - (TOS), Deep Space Nine, or Enterprise that I'm currently watching or anything about my dog, Mocha.

Headshot of Nicole Sturdivant

Nicole Sturdivant

Academic Advisor

MS in Adult Education, North Carolina A&T State University

Ask me about: the best desserts, movies about romantic comedies, and my favorite music.

Headshot of Jack O'Toole

Jack O'Toole

Academic Advisor

BS in Middle Childhood Education, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: recent movies I've watched, the Cincinnati Reds, or my cat, Saylor!

Graduate Advising

Lindner's Graduate Academic Advising office is here to support all graduate students pursuing master's degrees and graduate certificates.

Graduate Advising + Programs Office

Carl H. Lindner Hall, First Floor
2906 Woodside Drive
Phone: 513-556-7020

If entering from the doors near Campus Green Drive Parking Garage:

  • Take the elevators to floor one.
  • Walk straight down the hallway to your left.
  • Walk straight and enter via the glass doors. The space should be marked with a placard for graduate programs advising.

If entering from the doors near Main Street:

  • Head toward the elevator bank and up the three stairs
  • Take a left around the bend of the elevator bank and then take a right.
  • Walk straight and enter via the glass doors. The space should be marked with a placard for graduate programs advising.

Spring 2024 Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Email your academic advisor individually to schedule an advising appointment.

UC undergraduate students who have junior or senior status and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 can request to take graduate courses at Lindner. If you wish to take classes toward a future graduate degree, you must open a graduate non-matriculated program at UC. This ensures that any graduate level courses you take can count toward a future graduate degree or certificate. Please note that courses cannot count toward both an undergraduate and graduate degree.

In order to request permission for courses:

  1. Open a graduate non-matriculated program through the Lindner College of Business by filling out and submitting the information requested.
  2. Fill out the "Grad Programs-Course Permission Request" form for UC non-matriculated students requesting graduate classes.
  • THIS IS FOR GRADUATE COURSES ONLY. We are unable to process undergraduate courses.
  • Submitting a closed class petition does not guarantee enrollment.
  • Complete a petition for each Lindner course you are requesting to add. If you add more than one course on the form, your request will not be processed.  
  • Provide rationale via the closed class petition form for why you need this class this semester. Be brief and specific.
  • Notifications of status (approved, rejected or waitlisted) will be sent to your UC email address.
  • If you are admitted into the course, you will be notified via email to register for the class online. This permission will be date specific, and you must add the class during the time specified or your seat may be given to another student.
  • All information is required in order for your request to be processed.  
  • Closed class petitions will be reviewed at the following times: 
    • First half classes will be reviewed three weeks prior to the start of classes. Students will be notified two weeks prior to the start of classes. 
    • Second half classes will be reviewed three weeks prior to the start of classes and students will be notified two weeks prior to the start of classes.  

Lindner Graduate students will need complete the elective request form to request to use a course that has not already been accepted as an elective for their program.

Headshot of Brandy Schroeder

Brandy Schroeder

Associate Director, Academic Student Advising, Graduate Programs

1332 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Brandy advises MS Accounting, MS Information Systems and MS Tax students, as well as students pursuing Corporate Tax, Individual Tax and Real Estate certifications.

Headshot of Will Bradley

Will Bradley

Assistant Director, Academic Student Advising, Graduate Programs

1326 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Will advises MS Finance, MA HR and MS Marketing students, plus those pursuing certificates in Corporate Finance, Digital Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Innovation, Investment Management, Marketing, and Professional Selling and Sales Management.

Headshot of Julie Glassmeyer

Julie Glassmeyer

Assistant Director, Academic Student Advising, Graduate Programs

1330 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Julie advises MS Business Analytics and MS Economics students, plus students pursuing certificates in Data Analytics, Data Science and Public Economics.

Headshot of Toni Perkins

Toni Perkins

Assistant Director, Academic Student Advising, Graduate Programs

1324 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Toni advises Full-Time and Part-Time MBA students, as well as students pursuing certificates in Business Foundations (in-person), and Leadership and Management.

Headshot of Alex Siebert

Alex Siebert

Senior Academic Advisor, Graduate Programs

1320 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Alex advises Online MBA students, plus those pursuing an Online Business Foundations certificate.