Department of Marketing

Why Marketing?

What does it mean to study marketing in Cincinnati? With multiple Fortune 500 companies and marketing firms calling the city home, Cincinnati is often considered the brand capital of the world. This means access to an ecosystem of marketing expertise from industry leaders and world-class faculty. Through experiential learning, interaction with local business partners and co-op opportunities, you will learn how customers think and behave, and how organizations can create and deliver value.

As the most populous major on campus, we offer the breadth of knowledge and experiences needed to succeed in today’s marketing environment while maintaining our dedication to student experience and success. Advertising, brand management, digital marketing, fashion marketing, marketing research and analytics, product development, professional selling and retail strategy — these career areas and more are supported with the wide range of marketing courses that we offer. 


Our research faculty are world-renowned consumer psychologists who specialize in understanding why we do what we do. We rank third in the world for articles for publications in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

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Department of Marketing
Carl H. Lindner Hall
2906 Woodside Drive
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Karen Machleit, PhD
Department Head, Professor
Office: 2380 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7102

Leah Jonas
Manager, Unit Operations
Office: 2358 Carl H. Lindner Hall
Phone: 513-556-7100