Elevator Pitch Competition

Students win big check

The UC Elevator Pitch Competition is a 60-second prop-less pitch giving the quick-and-dirty rundown of your idea to a panel of expert judges for a chance to win your share of the $5,000 prize.  Held in Fall semester.

Startup Weekend

Students shake hands at startup weekend

UC Startup Weekend is an action-packed three day program in which participants learn to think, work, and build like a new venture. Students join us on Friday evening to present their business ideas, form teams, and spend the weekend developing their concept to pitch on Sunday afternoon. Mentors and judges from the StartupCincy ecosystem volunteer their time to guide the teams, offer feedback and select prizewinners of the $5,000 pot for an impactful weekend experience.  Held in Spring semester.

First Year Fast Pitch Competition

Student holds prototype at first year fast pitch competition

In 2023, the event formerly known as the InnovationQuest Elevator Pitch Competition, or IQ-E, was revamped into First Year Fast Pitch Competition: a two-minute, deck-free challenge pitched to star judges for first year students only.  Held in Spring semester.

New Venture Championship

Student pitching

Students from all colleges and levels are invited to pitch their new business or product idea to guest judges for a chance to win part of the $20,000 prize pool.  Held in Spring semester.

GradNext Pitch Competition

Student team pitching idea

The Grad College in partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurship is looking to BREAK graduate education. Students will pitch their ideas to help us re-envision what a dissertation, course work, degree programs and overall student success looks.  Held on April 9th, 2024.