Degree Options

Our students and graduates are skilled in the analysis of data, the formulation and solution of models of business problems, are extremely proficient in the use of information technology and have experience in the solution of real-world problems.

Undergraduate Programs

BBA in Information Systems

Lindner’s BBA in Information Systems helps students develop the skills necessary to analyze, design, develop and deploy computer-based information systems. Students benefit from the degree program’s emphasis on team-oriented and project-based learning, allowing them to pursue careers that range from the highly technical to the more business-focused.

BBA in Operations Management

Students enrolled in Lindner’s BBA in Operations Management focus on understanding project and quality management, supply chain management, operations planning, and scheduling, service operations and operations strategy. Students often follow one of two degree tracks: supply chains or services.

BS in Business Analytics

The BS in Business Analytics nurtures students’ analytical abilities while driving them to dig deeper and ask informed questions to produce valuable data insights. Students already armed with a natural curiosity will find great value in courses in core business functions as well as advanced applied mathematical and modeling, data exploration, visualization, and management.

BS in Industrial Management

A BS in Industrial Management from Lindner prepares students for careers at the intersection of business and production by blending elements of both an engineering and business education. Students gain valuable technical skills by beginning the first two years of their studies alongside engineering students while benefiting from upper-level coursework in operations management.

Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Lindner's Master of Science in Business Analytics program supplies students with expertise in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. The program begins in August and classes are offered full- or part-time. Predictive Analytics Today named UC as the No. 1 MS Data Science school in the country four successive years.

Master of Science in Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems program meshes core business knowledge with information systems-focused technical courses and real-world experience. This program is renowned for its strengths in enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence, database design and modeling, and project management.


The OBAIS PhD program admits students into three disciplines — business analytics, information systems, and operations management — but students often work on multi-disciplinary problems with OBAIS faculty and faculty from other areas of study at Lindner.

OBAIS PhD graduates have been highly successful in both academic and academic-style industrial positions. Coursework includes mathematical programming, stochastic models and applied statistics along with seminars on the latest developments in the field.