Grau Center for Professional Selling

Dedicated to advancing the sales profession through academics, professional experiences, and research.

The Grau Center for Professional Selling promotes the field of professional sales to all UC students and develops graduates who are extremely prepared for a successful sales career. The Professional Selling minor is a great complement for students in other majors, like Finance, Fashion Design, Engineering or IT, to build upon and strengthen their career options. Each year more and more students declare a Professional Selling minor. For students enrolled in the Lindner College of Business, a Professional Selling minor enhances the opportunities established in our PACE curriculum.

Similar to other Lindner programs, the Center for Professional Selling combines classroom teaching with experiential learning to provide a unique opportunity for our students. We partner with industry representatives to offer a wide variety of engaging activities for both our students and corporate partners, including mock interviews, elevator speech practice, classroom sales competitions, networking socials, workshops and the bi-annual Sales Expo. Each of these activities develop our students' skills and helps prepare them for a prosperous career in sales.

The professional sales program at the Lindner College of Business has been named one of the top programs in North America by the Sales Education Foundation.


Our courses include:

  • Insight-Based Selling
  • Professional Selling
  • Strategic Business-to-Business Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Strategic Selling
  • Women in Sales


Sales Expo

Held twice a year, this sales-focused career fair matches sales students with companies needing qualified salespeople. The companies represented have immediate full-time positions, internships or co-op rotations available for our current students and soon-to-be graduates.

Varsity Sales Team

An elite group of selected professional sales students who represent the Center for Professional Selling at regional and national colleagiate competitions.

Sales Leadership Club

A student-run organization providing participants fantastic opportunities to establish themselves as leaders and ensure professional growth in the sales field.


Our Center provides opportunities for sales executives to take workshops offered by noted researchers and authors in the field. Additionally, our sales faculty and doctoral students routinely publish and present research at professional conferences and in academic journals.

The Center for Professional Selling is a proud member of the Sales Education Foundation.

Contact Us

For more information about our Center, a career in sales or becoming a Center partner, please contact:

Headshot of Jennifer Barlow

Jennifer Barlow

Executive Director, External Relations, Grau Center for Professional Selling

2384 Carl H. Lindner Hall