Stagnaro Saba & Patterson Co LPA

Firm Overview:

We are business owners and we think like business owners. At our firm, relationships matter.  Accessibility, responsiveness and communication are the cornerstones of our relationships.  Every member of our firm focuses on advancing our client’s interests in each transaction and dispute. Every day, we apply our strategic abilities and vast experience to help our clients navigate new opportunities, confront emerging challenges, and achieve their goals. We’d love the opportunity to work with members of the Goering Center.

Services and/or Products:

Getting results is our prime goal, and because we have the knowledge to anticipate points of contention, we can transfer our litigation skills to transactions and negotiations, offering solutions before problems arise, saving our clients both time and money. When litigation does arise, we have the experience to conduct a thorough analysis of the risk to determine the realistic value of a case and provide reliable estimates of time and cost. Our focus working with business owners is in the following areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Employment Law
  • Business Transactions: Contracts, Agreements, Licenses, Setting up a Business, Selling a Business
  • Litigation: Prepared to defend, but never looking for a fight, we are passionate advocates for our clients. 

Successful litigation is often the result of protective measures taken well before a dispute arises. As your business advisor and lawyer, we are consistently keeping an eye on your business, evaluating areas of risk and exposure to law suits.

Past/Current Involvment with the Goering Center:

Peggy Gruenke, our Operations and Marketing Director, is actively involved with the Goering Center. She currently is chair of the Membership Committee, serves on the BOA and on the Management Committee. The firm is committed to her support of the Goering Center mission.

Contact Information:

Primary Individual Contact:

Peggy Gruenke
7373 Beechmont Ave
Cincinnati OH 45230
Year Company/Firm Founded: 1995