Degree Options

The Marketing Department at the Lindner College of Business engages every facet of the micro- and macro-level marketing world. The Marketing PhD program prepares students for professional analytical positions and academic positions at strong research universities.

Undergraduate Programs

BBA in Marketing

Lindner's BBA in Marketing gives students the opportunnity to study with world-renowned marketing professors, researchers and industry professionals. Students may choose to focus on any number of marketing topics, including professional selling, retail management, marketing research, brand management, advertising, digital marketing and more.

Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Marketing

The Master of Science in Marketing program supplies aspiring marketers with the contemporary tools and practical experience necessary to successfully accelerate their career in a fast-paced business environment. The program is designed to provide students with innovative and specialized curriculum choices, helping them gain both breadth and depth to their marketing skills.

PhD in Marketing

Lindner's PhD in Marketing program is interested in students motivated to become scholars in consumer behavior, and aspire to a career as marketing faculty members in leading business schools. We boast a collaborative and supportive research environment to develop your ideas, and an active behavioral laboratory to test them.