Lindner Alumni Council

Lindner's alumni network is made up of more than 46,000 graduates around the globe. The Lindner Alumni Council (LAC) represents this community and provides numerous opportunities for members to stay connected.

The LAC’s mission is to unify Lindner alumni and enhance the alumni experience through meaningful engagement and recognition opportunities.

Annual experiences include the Cincinnati Business Achievement Awards and the Alumni Speaker Series. Be on the lookout for additional events throughout the year. 


Attendees at the Lindner Alumni Council Speaker series with Dean Marianne Lewis from left to right: Alexander Hearn '10, Laurence Jones '00, Eku Williams '00, Lewis and Jimmy Jacquot '11.


Lindner Alumni Council member Scott Schuster ’10 and Executive Team member Carolyn Lindeman ’95.

Headshot of Thuy Cao, ’03

Thuy Cao, ’03


Headshot of Edita Dolan-Mayo, ’04

Edita Dolan-Mayo, ’04

Mayo Home

Headshot of Carolyn Lindeman, ’95

Carolyn Lindeman, ’95

MRI Software

Headshot of James Marable III, ’06

James Marable III, ’06


Headshot of Eric Bachus, ’18

Eric Bachus, ’18

Johnson Investment Counsel

Headshot of Morgan Eberle, ’17

Morgan Eberle, ’17


Headshot of Andre Frazier, ’04

Andre Frazier, ’04

Frazier Homes

Headshot of David Germano, ’92

David Germano, ’92

Magnetic Content Studio

Headshot of Monica Haywood, ’06

Monica Haywood, ’06

Microsoft Teams

Headshot of Janet Jansen, ’92

Janet Jansen, ’92


Headshot of Jimmy Jacquot, ’11

Jimmy Jacquot, ’11

Assured Partners

Headshot of Martin Rittenhouse, ’10

Martin Rittenhouse, ’10

31 Acquisitions

Headshot of Aaron Pontsler, ’14

Aaron Pontsler, ’14

Twin Brook Capital Partners

Headshot of Ryan Schreck, ’02

Ryan Schreck, ’02

The Kroger Co.

Headshot of Angie Scheper, ’95

Angie Scheper, ’95

Beech Acres Parenting Center

Headshot of Scott Schuster, ’10

Scott Schuster, ’10

Cincinnati Museum Center

Headshot of Ellen Shoulta, ’15

Ellen Shoulta, ’15


Headshot of Cory Sims, ’11

Cory Sims, ’11

Sims Investment Management LLC

Headshot of Stanley Wells, ’07

Stanley Wells, ’07

World Pac Paper

Headshot of Jerome Wright, ’00

Jerome Wright, ’00

Urban League of Greater Cincinnati

Todd Barnes, ’04

Nucor Corporation

Bert Cannon, ’69

Deloitte (Retired) 

Patricia Kautz, ’88

GRF CPAs & Advisors

W. Troy Neat, ’91

Morgan Stanley 

Jacqueline Neumann, ’75

Deloitte (Retired) 

Randy Sagraves, ’91

G&W Products

Stephen Simendinger, ’76

Johnson Investment Counsel (Retired) 

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Headshot of Sam Speyer

Sam Speyer

Director of Alumni Engagement

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