Job Opportunities

From teaching to peer mentorship, entrepreneurship has a role for everyone. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the Center for Entrepreneurship team.

Adjunct faculty

The Center for Entrepreneurship routinely hires adjunct faculty to teach one or more entrepreneurship courses per semester/academic year. Our adjunct faculty members are highly qualified professionals with significant industry experience as well as an appropriate degree in business, preferrably at the graduate level. A doctoral degree is not required.

Student workers

The center employs student workers to provide support to our staff, programs, and communications and marketing efforts. Roles include writer, videographer, marketing associate, and graphic designer, among others. Students are remunerated in credit hours and/or USD for their services depending on the position/semester.

Peer leaders

The center employs UC students to help run community outreach programs.

If you are interested in becoming a dorm monitor, food coordinator, or day-time peer leader, please provide your resume, specific role interests, and availability.

Venture for America Fellows

Looking for an internship with a startup? If you want to join a tight-knit community, create new opportunities for yourself and others, and build things with a supportive network behind you, Venture for America might be the right place for you.

Details and application information are available here.