Artesiaa Consulting

Firm overview

Founded by Raj Kamath in 1993, Artesiaa Consulting ( is a Cincinnati-based strategy consultancy with global operations. Raj was recognized by President Clinton at the 1995 Shingo Awards ceremony as belonging to the group of management thinkers who “have helped make the very term ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ synonymous with high quality”.  With deep roots in family business – his family still runs a 3rd generation business – Raj has designed Artesiaa to serve Goering Center’s members.

Products and/or services

Artesiaa Consulting’s comprehensive toolkit makes every aspect of strategy – organic growth, diversification, acquisition, new market entry, disruption and execution – accessible to family and private business. We listen carefully to your needs, deliver customized experiences and give you a road-map for execution. A consistent track record on these three dimensions earned us stellar recognition at the local and national level over the last 2 decades. In addition to customized engagements Artesiaa offers:

  • Workshops introducing new strategy tools
  • Best-practice sharing sessions
  • Opportunities for networking with other companies
  • Robust tools for continuous improvement
  • Customized executive development for first line managers
  • 60-Second-Strategist (60SS) your sixty-second connection to what’s hot in business
  • A library of strategy workshops and best-practice sessions

Past/current involvement with the Goering Center

I joined UC’s faculty in 1989, the year John Goering established the Goering Center: I know and share the deep feelings that motivated John and have served the Center in a number of capacities since its inception. I speak pro bono at of Center events when invited, served as facilitator for the Center’s Strategic Planning Institute 2018-19, delivered bespoke sessions at the Center’s Roundtables for Rik Vonderhaar 2017-21 and volunteered to serve on Program Committee in 2021.

Special offer for Goering Center Core Members

For Core Members, I will design and deliver a strategic planning engagement within two half-day sessions provided you are willing to complete pre-work that I custom-design for you. If you follow the robust methodology I share, you will never need a strategic planning facilitator again.

Contact information

Primary contact: Rajan (Raj) Kamath
4495 Miami Road
Cincinnati, OH 45243

Year founded: 1993