Why Join the Goering Center

Attendees work in groups at a Goering Center Institutes session

Your Journey. Our Unique Community.

More than 400 family and private businesses make up our learning community, uniquely positioning the Goering Center to understand the challenges you face and provide the insights and tools to help you achieve greater success. 

When you become a Goering Center member our membership team will work with you to define your individualized journey map, based on your strengths and gaps as identified by our Member Alignment Profile. The rest will be up to you. 

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"Quick and deep engagement is your path to success. We will help you assess your most pressing needs upfront so your time is not wasted."

- Carol Butler, Goering Center President

Our promises to new members

Our first promise is to meet you where you are. This is advice we give our staff and our volunteers. Every member has unique issues, challenges, attitudes and priorities. It's on us to understand how a business owner wants to engage and take advantage of our offerings.

Our second promise is to help you work on your business, not in it. Business owners work in their business every day. They join the Goering Center when they are ready to delegate the firefighting and intentionally carve out time to work on the issues that will ensure a prosperous future.