Undergraduate Long-Term Programs

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Do you want to study abroad for two weeks — or longer? A summer program, semester exchange program or external study abroad program may be the right fit for you.

What Steps Do I Need to Take?

1. Explore Programs: Attend an information session.
2. Discuss: Schedule a one-on-one study abroad advising appointment in My Bearcat Network.
3. Decide: Select the long-term program that fits your needs.
4. Apply: Start your application.
5. Course Credit Approval: Submit course substitution requests in CATS database.
6. Move forward: Once accepted, work with a Lindner study abroad advisor to prepare to live and study abroad.

UC's summer study abroad programs range from 2-8 weeks. Students can spend the summer at any of our partner universities below and earn credit toward their business degree. These programs are flexible and can be mixed and matched according to your academic needs.

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France: Audencia Summer Term
Length: 3-8 weeks
Credits: Up to 16

France: TBS Education Summer School
Length: 2-5 weeks
Credits: Up to 12

Portugal: European Innovation Academy 
Length: Four weeks (one online, three in Portugal)
Credits: Either 3 academic credits
or 1 co-op

Slovenia: Ljubljana Summer School
Length: Three weeks
Credits: Up to 6

Students can pay in-state UC tuition to study at any one of our partner universities below, taking upper-level business courses to earn credit toward their degree. Talk with your academic advisor to find out which university has the right coursework for you.

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Austria: Johannes Kepler University
Fall: September - December
Spring: February - June
Coursework in Economics, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Industrial Management, and Operations Management

France: Audencia School of Management
Fall: August - December
Spring: January - May
Coursework in International Business, Marketing, and Finance.
Specialization tracks also offer master level courses for fourth-year students in Operations Management and Entrepreneurship.

France: Toulouse Business School
Fall: August - December
Spring: January - April
Coursework in International Business and Marketing.

Germany: University of Mannheim
Fall: August - December
Spring: February - July
Coursework in Information Systems, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Management.

Norway: Norwegian School of Economics
Fall: August - December
Spring: January - June
Coursework in Economics and Finance.

Switzerland: Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Fall: September - December
Spring: February - July
Coursework in Economics, Finance, International Business, and Marketing.

Worldwide: University-wide agreements
Coursework in all disciplines.

UC is a member of the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), a non-profit organization originally founded by universities to provide quality, immersive study abroad experiences at an affordable price. As a member of USAC, UC students are eligible for scholarships on their programs.

USAC Programs with Business Coursework (Semester or Summer)

Student in Croatia

Torino, Italy
Spring '25 coursework in international law, marketing, management.

Verona, Italy
Spring '25 coursework in business communications, finance, management, marketing.

Bilbao, Spain
Spring '25 coursework in economics, finance, management, marketing.

Montevideo, Uruguay
Spring '25 coursework in entrepreneurship, intercultural negotiation, management, marketing.

What cost is associated with a long-term program?
The cost of a long-term study abroad program will vary based on the type and length of program. Tuition for an exchange partner equates to in-state tuition at UC for a full-time semester. 

For a summer program, students will be charged a $200 fee on their student account to be enrolled in MLTI 3000, which will allow for course credit to transfer back to a student's degree.

The cost of a USAC program will vary based on the destination and length of the program.

When is the best time to study abroad for a summer or semester?
Studying abroad during the summer at a business school partner is best to do in between a student's second and third or third or fourth years. However a student can study abroad during the summer on a USAC program as early as the summer after their first year.  

A student will typically study abroad for a full semester at a business school partner university during their third year or the first semester of their fourth year, as they offer more upper-level business coursework. A student can study abroad on a USAC program as early as their second year as they offer more lower-level coursework.

Can I receive academic credit for the courses I take abroad?
Yes! Our programs and partner universities offer coursework that can transfer directly to a student's business degree. Students should work with their academic advisor to assure they find appropriate coursework abroad. 

When should I apply to study abroad during the summer?
Summer study abroad applications are due March 15th.

When should I apply to study abroad for a full semester?
Semester application deadlines can vary depending on the partner university a student is applying to. Fall semester applications are typically due sometime between September - October, while spring semester applications are typically due between March - April. The exact dates as well as the academic calendar dates for each partner university can be found on their program page, linked above in red. 

Will I be going abroad with other UC students?
It is very possible that multiple UC students will go abroad on the same summer or semester program. USAC programs are geared toward American students, while students will be in more of an international environment studying through an exchange partner as they admit students from all over the world. 

Do I need to know another language to take courses in a different country?
It is not necessary to know a second language when planning to study abroad for a summer or semester. All coursework that a student will take abroad will be taught in English. 

Long-Term Study Abroad Course Approval

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In order to receive credit for any courses taken abroad, you must fill our an academic credit approval form and have it signed by your academic advisor. Find approved course substitutions by using the Credit Approval Transfer Service (CATS).

  • Go to Lindner Central, and log in with your 6+2. Choose 'Student Services' then 'Credit Approval Transfer Service (CATS).'
  • Lindner students will use CATS for one of two purposes:
    • Search for pre-approved courses in 'Approved Study Abroad Courses.' If you find the course already approved, you can add it to your Academic Credit Approval Form. Courses must match your program of application.
    • OR Submit for course approval. Choose 'Request a New Study Abroad Course' and fill in all required information, including a syllabus, for submission. You will be notified via email if the submission is approved or rejected. Please allow two weeks for this approval process.
Students at Audencia summer term

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