Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate tuition and fees

Planning for college can be tough, but paying for it shouldn't be. Visit the sites below to learn more about tuition rates and to explore options for financing your education at the University of Cincinnati:

Graduate tuition and fees

Full-time status is 10 or more credit hours per semester. Current figures reflect costs for the 2024-2025 academic year. Future tuition costs are subject to change.

Full-time tuition per semester
  Ohio resident Non-resident
Tuition $11,159.00 $15,696.00
General fees $398.00 $398.00
Campus Life Fee/Distance Learning Fee $257.00 $257.00
ITIE Fees $184.00 $184.00
Semester total $11,998.00 $16,535.00
Part-time tuition per credit hour for all part-time students
Tuition Per Hour $916.00
General Fees Per Hour $39.80
Campus Life/Distance Learning Fee $26.20
ITIE Fees Per Hour $18.00
Semester Total Per Hour $1,000.00

Financial aid

There are a number of different types of aid available to graduate students, including:

  • Scholarships
  • Assistantships
  • Fellowships
  • Graduate Incentive Award (GIA): All full time students are automatically evaluated for scholarship eligibility. Part time students can request scholarship review but are required to submit documentation related to employer contributions. Certificate students are not eligible for scholarship.
  • Federal Financial Aid: Please visit UC's Financial Aid website. Certificate programs are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Information Technology and Instructional Equipment Fee (ITIE)

This required fee applies to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The ITIE fee is used to fund improved access to and assistance with information technology and to fund other types of instructional equipment.

General Fee

This required fee provides funding for non-instructional services and is assessed uniformly to all enrolled students. These services are directly related to students' academic progression through the university. The fee also enhances many programs available to and used by all students including many web-delivered services. The distribution of these fees is determined by the Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (SACUB).

Campus Life Fee

This required fee for campus-based students covers various recreational and entertainment facilities and programming that can be utilized by all students to enhance the campus environment and increase student engagement. This fee was voted on and approved by the student body.

Distance Learning Program Fee

Our distance learning programs do not have ITIE fees, but do have specific DL fees. For more information, please review our online programs, or visit UC Online or the Office of the Bursar.

Reinvestment of Program Fee

To continually improve the quality of undergraduate student learning, the Lindner College of Business reinvests all undergraduate program fees, as well as targeted capital campaign fundraising. These reinvestments support a number of initiatives:

  • Creating Learning Communities for all incoming freshmen
  • Offering tutoring services and/or breakout sessions for challenging gateway courses in business
  • Implementing a faculty leadership program aimed at mentoring and guiding students in all major and minor areas of business study
  • Adding more business faculty to further enhance the quality of classroom instruction

Starting in the fall of 2015, the fee has increased by $50 each semester for full-time students to fund expansion of Lindner Career Services. As a result, all professional development and experience support such as co-ops, internships, and post-graduation placement are now supported by Lindner Career Services. This fee increase replaces the current cost of co-op when Lindner students work with other university services, resulting in an overall reduction of student expenses. Work with your Lindner career coach and your academic advisor to explore career options and make the most of your UC opportunities.

The University of Cincinnati offers options for full-time, campus-based undergraduate and graduate students who are residents of nearby counties in Kentucky and Indiana to offset the costs of out-of-state tuition rates. With tuition costs reduced to near in-state rates, you can now take advantage of all the Lindner College of Business has to offer.

For students in nearby Kentucky counties, the college offers the metropolitan tuition rate. Indiana residents are also offered an opportunity for reduced tuition through the Indiana Reciprocity agreement. Residents of 25 counties in Indiana who are matriculated in a Lindner College of Business program are eligible to enroll at UC under Ohio-resident tuition rates. Visit the Office of the Registrar's website for a complete list of eligibility and residency requirements.