2022 Rising Leader Finalists

2022 Larry Grypp Rising Leader Award Recipient

Jake Jerow, 2022 Rising Leader
Sarah Petersen, Goering Center Rising Leader Finalist

During her five years at Doran Manufacturing, Sarah Petersen has become part of the leadership team and established herself as a true rising leader in the company. She revamped their supply chain organization, including their international sourcing, domestic assembly, and reporting processes – all while maintaining their world-class quality standards. In 2018, Sarah asked to lead Doran’s first ISO certification process project for Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015) and Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015). She completed the project in only 144 days and helped secure new business with international customers. Sarah manages their continuous improvement log, has implemented daily huddles with the supply chain team, and improved accuracy and efficiency by transitioning the team to tablets for accessing job packets and entering production quantities. During the recent global supply chain crisis and the second largest revenue year in Doran’s history, Sarah was responsible for guiding the team to ship 98.8% of their standard orders in two days with 94.4% of all orders shipping complete and on time in Fiscal 2021. She continues to play a vital role in supporting Doran’s growth, as they maintain supplier partnerships and add new customers domestically and internationally.

Sarah was nominated by Jim Samocki, Doran Manufacturing.

Nathaniel Sizemore, Goering Center Rising Leader Finalist

Nathaniel left a reputable Washington D.C. law firm to return to Sizemore & Company LLC, a family business, to establish and build new company divisions, the largest of which is called The Premier Resources Group (PRG). His goal was to establish and grow a staffing/recruiting business, and a consulting and advisory business in the engineering and construction space. His key actions included the following: conducting market intelligence; establishing a robust business and marketing plan; collaboratively establishing “corporate values” and improving company culture; establishing internships for UC students; creating systems and protocols to achieve business goals; building the company’s client base, brand equity, and company revenue. Additionally, Nathaniel established business relationships with key Cincinnati businesses, including P&G, Kroger, and Turner.

Nathaniel was nominated by Gregory Sizemore, Sizemore & Company LLC.

Ken Staubitz, April Rising Leader Finalist; Best Practice: Performance Management System

In 2015, Ken Staubitz joined Modern Office Methods to fill the Vice President of Service and Aftermarket Support role. Prior to his employment, their service division had many areas that needed improvement. Ken was up to the challenge – he immediately began resolving issues with his new team by directly interacting with them and creating a culture of transparency and trust. The team immediately took to Ken and his engaging leadership style. Morale rose quickly, and the team began to produce results that met the aggressive expectations that Ken had laid out for them. Ken has developed a leadership structure as well as cultural change in their service organization, and is now expanding that winning formula to the rest of their business with his recent promotion to Chief Operating Officer. Ken’s vision for MOM will lead the organization in their next chapter. Under his leadership, Modern Office Methods now boasts a trusted, service operation that is recognized by Ricoh & Canon as among the best in the nation.

Ken was nominated by Kevin McCarthy, Modern Office Methods.

Jake Jerow, March Rising Leader Finalist

At Modern Ice Equipment & Supply, Jake Jerow champions “Dynamic Business Strategy” every day, in many ways. In the last two years, he has taken on additional responsibilities in multiple departments. After a 2019 acquisition, Jake led the effort to fully integrate the business, working with the owner to transfer ownership, and developing operational procedures and a growth plan to triple the business within five years. In 2020, Jake took on marketing leadership along with his operations role. He quickly developed a strategy, clear metrics, and enhanced team results. In 2021, Jake continued building teams and capabilities in both departments, which in turn enhanced the organization as a whole. Due to his leadership, the acquired company’s revenue growth is already projected to double. Even in the midst of significant supply chain issues, the operations team is delivering a remarkable experience for their clients. Gary Jerow, CEO of Modern Ice Equipment & Supply, shared the following: “Jake quickly identifies what’s working and what needs to be improved, and collaborates with the diverse group of individuals to develop a common goal and implement with excellence. He doesn’t just ‘do the work;’ he builds capability so the organization is successful, now and in the future.”

Jake was nominated by Amy Connor, CMO-OnLoan.

Bill Rumpke III, February Rising Leader Finalist

As Region Vice President for Rumpke Waste & Recycling, Bill Rumpke III is focused on the future. He always welcomes the opportunity to explore innovation and technology, and has made training, recruitment, and career advancement priorities for his employees. Bill has helped steer the ship through a downturn in the recycling markets as well as a global pandemic. His leadership ensured that Rumpke’s essential service continued without interruption for millions of customers. Bill has been instrumental in developing and implementing an employee orientation program, which has increased employee retention; and a route pay program, which has increased productivity. Bill has continued to invest in recycling and is currently overseeing a multi-million investment in the company’s Cincinnati Recycling Center as well as leading new landfill construction in Colerain Township, ensuring the region has environmentally sound waste disposal for decades. Since taking on his current role, the region has seen a 8.13% growth in revenue and a 10.02% growth in EBITDA, despite setbacks from the COVID-related business closures in 2020.

Bill was nominated by Molly Yeager, Rumpke Waste & Recycling.

For the past three years, Lauren has served as VP of Operations at Cincinnati Container Company. With the assistance of Jim Miller and David Deye, Lauren identified the value that an advisory board could hold for her company and its eventual transition. She led the candidate search for the board, and has led the quarterly meetings through writing the president’s report and agenda. The board has given insight into certain areas of the company and where to further investigate, which a team can often miss when deep in the trenches. The board has helped Cincinnati Container with the following: navigating the pandemic, adopting the Entrepreneurial Operating System (Traction) method, and helping with succession planning conversations, as Lauren will be taking over as President this summer from her father, Paul. In addition to implementing the board, Lauren led the development of their Family Charter and Council, leading those meetings biannually. Cincinnati Container is in great standing today because of Lauren’s efforts.

Lauren was nominated by Kelly Bonnell, Main Street Ventures.

In 2012, Erin joined Steinhauser as their Marketing Coordinator. Prior to joining their team, she went to school for and worked as a graphic designer, developing her skillset for design and quality – two key elements in the printing industry. Her excitement and curiosity for the industry were palpable. When a team member went on leave, Erin had an amazing approach to the opportunity; she learned about their customers, manufacturing, and the importance of consultative sales when building relationships. By 2014, Erin moved into a Business Development role where she was tasked with growing revenue and expanding Steinhauser’s customer base. From 2019 to 2021, Erin secured a large amount of new business, growing from $909,425 to $3,700,000 – a 307% revenue growth in three years. She has contributed to the company’s five-year strategic growth plan, which includes an additional new press investment, expanding the sales team, and continuing to increase revenue. Erin has become an expert in the printing industry and works collaboratively with different departments – from production to senior leadership – engaging employees to work towards Steinhauser’s financial success.

Erin was nominated by Westin Fahrenholz, Account Executive of Steinhauser.

After being promoted to Engineering Manager of the new product development group, Tom Sevilla, of Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc., developed a set of tools and a new team to drive innovation in the business. Tom was the recipient of the Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program Award (the LEAP Award) from Design World Magazine; the award celebrates the most innovative and forward-thinking products in the field of pneumatics. In August 2020, Tom was awarded a patent for his innovative design. Tom outlined an aggressive team schedule for 2021 and is changing the culture of innovation within Clippard.

Tom was nominated by Rob Clippard, President of Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

In 2019, Kate Race joined Assisting Hands Home Care as their Regional Director. In a short time, Kate has done tremendous work for the company. She is responsible for their Northern Kentucky region, and for all business development and management of their client services. Since assuming the role, Kate has more than doubled the size of the business, which is on track to grow an additional 50% this year. She has successfully developed multiple referral partner relationships and represents the company’s services exceedingly well. Kate initiated “Real-Talk,” a series which helps family members caring for people with dementia. She will continue to lead the company's growth efforts in Northern Kentucky and expansion to other cities within the region. Additionally, she gives back to the community by volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association, leading two support groups. Kate is a consummate leader with superior client and people management skills.

Kate was nominated by Greg Kling of Assisting Hands Home Care.