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Taking online courses from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business means you will gain access to our faculty, our classes, and our programs on your terms, from anywhere, and at any time.

UC's online courses are just as challenging as courses taken on campus. The same world-renowned Lindner faculty who teach on campus also teach our online courses. The difference: you don't have to come to campus.

Lindner offers accredited online bachelor's and master's degree programs, graduate certificates and individual online classes. Our online options have unrivaled flexibility while delivering the same rigorous curriculum and an unparalleled accessibility to quality education. To learn more about online courses, visit One Stop or UC Online.

Online master's degree programs

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree is a part-time program that can be completed within two years' time and will offer academic study with real hands-on learning as well as opportunities to study abroad, engage with corporate partners and obtain career services to connect with top employers.

Master of Science in Business Analytics

The top-ranked Lindner Master of Science in Business Analytics is a technical, STEM-designated program that equips students with the knowledge and skills to apply data-driven methodologies to solve complex business problems. See why Predictive Analytics Today has named Lindner the No. 1 Data Science School in the country for four consecutive years. This program offers a flexible course load that includes data visualization, statistical modeling, data mining, optimization and more.

Master of Science in Finance

Our Master of Science in Finance program, ranked as the best and most affordable Finance master's in the nation, is an optimized blend of theoretical and applied knowledge that prepares students for professional certifications that include the CFA, FRM, and the CFP. Recent graduates have accepted positions in investment banking, corporate finance, risk management, portfolio management, wealth management, lending, and real estate. This is a STEM designated program.

Master of Science in Information Systems

At the intersection of business and technology, the innovative Master of Science in Information Systems at Lindner trains systems specialists to help business professionals transform an organization’s digital platforms. This program offers a flexible course load that includes the latest technology and techniques, as well as real-world work experience before graduation.

Master of Science in Marketing

The Lindner Master of Science in Marketing program gives you the skills, knowledge and behaviors to become a world-class marketer, all taught in Cincinnati, the birthplace of brand management and modern marketing. Our faculty, world leaders in consumer and market insights, will challenge you to reach new levels of marketing expertise through work in qualitative and quantitative research, branding, advertising, consumer behavior, strategy, innovation, design, retail, digital marketing, and much more.

Master of Science in Taxation

The Master of Science in Taxation (MS-Tax) degree is specifically for students who would like to pursue a career in tax or for those already working in the taxation field who would like to enhance their skill set and credentials.

Online graduate certificates

Business Foundations

Learn key business disciplines: accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Students can tailor the program to individual interests and career needs.

Corporate Taxation

The corporate taxation certificate is designed for individuals looking to work with businesses on optimizing their taxation strategies.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing certificate will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively promote products and services online. This program covers a range of digital marketing topics, including marketing strategy, buyer behavior and consumer insights, and performance metrics and analysis.

Health Care Administration

The health care administration certificate is for health care professionals who aspire to be at the central point of control. The mix of finance, economics and managerial courses coupled with healthcare topics arm health care professionals with skills needed to lead, manage and administer a health care system, hospital or hospital network.

Health Care Finance

Health care finance is a decision science that relies on an analytical framework for thinking through different incentives which can be associated with different forms of payment. How societies pay for health care and how many resources are devoted to health affects both the care people can get and its quality. Knowledge is needed to help patients and health care beneficiaries pay for medical expenses in the short and long terms.

Health Care Operations and Health Care Policy and Regulation

The demand for health care professionals trained in policy and regulation is on the rise. As the health care landscape becomes increasingly complex, the need for skilled professionals who are able to evaluate the impact of different programs and policies on the health of individuals and populations is critical. This certificate offers an understanding of how the law applies to the health care system while equipping you with the skills of organizing, managing and regulating the delivery of health care services.

Individual Taxation

The individual taxation certificate is a good fit for undergraduates who need additional hours to sit for the CPA exam, or practicing professionals looking to add a tax credential to their profiles.

Investment Management

The graduate certificate in investment management is aimed primarily, though not exclusively, at the financial services industry, including such courses as Investments and Portfolio Management.


Marketing skills are useful in every industry from the medical field to a corporate setting. Leverage your brand and company through traditional and non-traditional marketing methods.

Online bachelor's degree programs

Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance

The Bachelor of Business Administration will prepare you for a rewarding career in all aspects of finance. The BBA in Finance program is designed to provide students with core fundamental skills and modes of analysis that are critical to businesses of any size in any industry. In addition to core coursework, the curriculum also allows students to prepare for a specific career path by providing the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge in areas such as investment management, corporate finance, and commercial banking and financial institutions.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing

The Bachelor of Business Administration will prepare you for a fulfilling career in the broad field of marketing. Organizations implement integrated systems of activities that engage customers and provide products or services. While selling and advertising may be the most visible parts of marketing, this field also encompasses research and insights and much more. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing will equip you with the skills to help companies succeed in providing products or services in the right assortment, with the right message, at the right place and at the right price and time.