Students find their fit at Lindner with 13 unique degree programs.

Lindner offers 10 Bachelor of Business Administration degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics, a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, allowing students to match their degree to their long-term career goals.

Students in all programs benefit from small cohorts, our unique First-Year Experience, experiential learning opportunities, access to mentorship and dedicated faculty. Students in each program have access to Lindner Business Honors, possible scholarships and study abroad opportunities, as well.

Learn more below to find out what degree program is right for you.

Bachelor of Business Administration

A BBA in accounting can open many doors for students to work in a variety of roles and industries. Students benefit from a rigorous curriculum that covers knowledge of all basic business functions and deep study of the accounting discipline. Equipped with a degree in accounting from Lindner, students are well-prepared for careers in public and corporate accounting.

Theory meets applied business practice with Lindner’s BBA in business economics. Students gain a strong, foundational knowledge of business principles while benefiting from the social science perspective that the study of economics provides. Equipped with this education, students graduate with the skills necessary to help business firms maximize profits, effectiveness and impact.

Lindner’s BBA in entrepreneurship introduces students to the unique issues and concerns faced by new venture startups and closely held businesses. Students learn what is involved in the ideation, conceptualization, formulation and launch of a new venture. Graduates of the degree program are well-prepared to start and advance their own ventures or help corporations to best interact with small, entrepreneurial and family-run companies.

Lindner’s BBA in finance prepares students to become empowered decision makers. With an emphasis on critical thinking, students gain the core knowledge needed to succeed in many roles in finance with the ability to specialize within more specific areas of the discipline, including investment management, investment banking, corporate finance, and commercial banking and financial institutions.

Lindner’s BBA in information systems caters to those with a passion for technology and problem solving. Lying at the center of information technology and business, students develop the skills necessary to analyze, design, develop and deploy computer-based information systems. Students benefit from the degree program’s emphasis on team-oriented and project-based learning, allowing them to pursue a wide variety of roles that range from the highly technical to the more business-focused.

Students pursuing a BBA in insurance and risk management at Lindner are trained to adapt to a variety of roles across industries and functions. The degree program provides students with the skills needed to identify, quantify and manage the ever-evolving risks faced by individuals and businesses in an interconnected world. Students enjoy a strong network of alumni and support paired with ample experiential learning opportunities that spur success upon graduation.

Lindner’s BBA in international business broadens students’ awareness and understanding of challenges faced by businesses in today's global economy. Through diverse business courses and experiences, students transform into global business problem solvers. Covering international aspects of accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics and law, students graduate prepared to tackle the world’s challenges and pursue careers around the globe.

A BBA in marketing at Lindner means studying with world-renowned marketing professors, researchers and industry professionals. Students may choose to focus on any number of marketing topics including professional selling, retail management, marketing research, brand management, advertising, digital marketing and more. With the breadth of a marketing degree behind them, graduates are equipped to begin their careers in a variety of unique roles at top companies.

Students enrolled in Lindner’s BBA in operations management focus on understanding project and quality management, supply chain management, operations planning, and scheduling, service operations and operations strategy. Students often follow one of two degree tracks: supply chains or services. Graduates leave the degree program capable of designing efficient and productive processes that improve overall organizational efficiency to achieve success.

Those with a desire to shape the communities around them will find their fit with Lindner’s BBA in real estate. Through the degree program, students focus on the institutions, legal and economic principles that guide the development and shape of the communities that we live, work and play in. The unique combination of experiential, hands-on and project-based learning students gather in and out of the classroom empowers graduates to seek employment at leading national corporations and financial institutions.

Bachelor of Science

Lindner’s BS in business analytics nurtures students’ analytical abilities while driving them to dig deeper and ask informed questions to produce valuable data insights. Students already armed with a natural curiosity will find great value in courses in core business functions as well as advanced applied mathematical and modeling, data exploration, visualization, and management. Upon graduation, students are uniquely prepared to take on jobs that are in high demand with leading companies. 

A BS in industrial management from Lindner prepares students for careers at the intersection of business and production by blending elements of both an engineering and business education. Students gain valuable technical skills by beginning the first two years of their studies alongside engineering students while benefiting from upper-level coursework in operations management. Upon graduation, students often pursue careers in the manufacturing and service industries fulfilling both managerial and operational roles.

Bachelor of Arts

Those with a passion for critical thinking and mathematics will find their fit with Lindner’s BA in economics. Students benefit from an interdisciplinary education that blends the study of economic principles with mathematics, political science and the humanities and social sciences. Upon graduation, students know how to best use limited resources to optimize benefits within a variety of business and societal contexts.