Associate Membership

Gain insights and build relationships with the region's leaders

Being an associate member of the Goering Center allows me to gain timely insights and better understand the issues confronting Core Members, so I in turn may be more valuable to my clients. Pam Beigh, Owner & CEO SalesCore.

Associate Members are service providers who have an active interest in understanding the challenges and needs of family-owned and privately-held businesses (our Core Members) in order to help them. However, our Associate Members also pledge that they will not actively solicit or promote their business to our members so that we may maintain our sales-free, safe-haven environment*. 

Key Benefits

Associate Members benefit from the same membership pricing as our Core Members on all single-day programs and educational institutes. As a result they are encouraged to:

  • Participate in Goering Center events and programs to gain insights into what their marketplace needs as well as gain visibility within it
  • Add value to their clients by regularly bringing them as guests to events they feel would benefit them specifically
  • Take advantage of our educational programs for their internal teams
  • Help advance the Goering Center mission by volunteering to participate on committees (Membership, Marketing, Programs, Special Events, etc.) and/or by becoming a speaker and/or panelist

Additional Benefits

In addition to the above key benefits, the Goering Center publishes a Professional Services Registry, where anyone seeking professional support or products can identify member firms with the right expertise. In-line with our safe-haven policy, this allows Core Members to identify potential partners within the Goering Center community and reach out to them, without being solicited by them.

Lastly, if you are interested in having a Goering Center staff member come and speak at one of your events, please contact Kamela Barrier, Director of Programs & Marketing at 513-446-5606 or

For additional information about Associate Membership, please contact our Membership Development Manager, Nancy Schreiner, at 513-556-7130 or

Note: a business needn't be a family or privately-held business to become a Goering Center Associate Member.

*Goering Center Safe Haven Policy

The Goering Center respects the privacy of our members, and provides a safe-haven environment. Members agree not to "cold" market to or solicit other members, but are encouraged to buy from each other. Names, addresses and contact information are strictly confidential and are to be used only for member-to-member communications.