Innovation Challenge 2

Students attending IC2

Innovation Challenge 2, also known as the Innovation Challenge Bridge Program, is for later-stage students to participate in a variety of choose-your-own-adventure programming for their ideas, while simultaneously meeting with their cohort Wednesdays at 5:30 as a homebase to learn and collaborate in.

Who can participate?:

Any student who wants to further their idea with later-stage programming OR participate in later-stage programs with a new idea.

When and where are meetings?:

Same place and time as Innovation Challenge!  Weekly every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 in the Kautz Attic (Lindner 4350).  We will typlically be in the back classroom portion of the attic.

How will I be scored?:

Each time you attend a program on the scorecard for your idea, you will earn the points designated. 

How do I earn stipends?:

For each 5 points earned, a stipend of $375 will be given.  You can earn up to 2 stipends per semester (for a total of $750) per semester.

How can I join and learn more?

Email Candace at to learn more and sign up.

Students completing an IC2 program - aka venture lab

Innovation Challenge 2 students participating in a scorecard program, the Venture Lab.