Communities, Faculty and Staff

Lindner Business Honors provides a personalized, vibrant and inclusive community, as well as dedicated faculty and staff to support students.

FCC Game

Lindner Business Honors students attend an FC Cincinnati match with Lindner Dean Marianne Lewis (bottom right), Carl Lindner III (fourth from left) and his wife, Martha (third from left).

The relationships that form are a tribute to what it means to be a lifelong Bearcat, starting while in Honors and continuing well beyond.

Roseann Hassey, PhD, marketing associate professor-educator

Personalized Lindner Business Honors Communities

  • Living-Learning Community in Morgens Hall
  • Leadership opportunities with the Lindner Business Honors Student Board
  • Community building through:
    • Lindner Business Honors Leadership Experience Retreat at Higher Ground.
    • Revolving workshops and trainings about relevant topics decided by students.
    • Johnson Investment Counsel Business Etiquette Dinner
HOCO King and Queen Naomi Dias and Xander Wells

Lindner Business Honors students Naomi Dias (left) and Xander Wells were named Homecoming Queen and King.

  • Participation in one of two legacy communities:
  • Lindner Business Honors Student Board events:
    • Welcome cookout
    • Community graduation events
    • Networking with alumni, such as coffee chats, learning events, classroom engagements, etc.
    • Homecoming
    • Mentorship and networking throughout the community student body, focused on first- and second-year students.
    • Specialized seminars
    • Formals and more social events

Vibrant Community

San Fran Google

Lindner Business Honors students at Google in San Francisco.

  • Access to corporations and alumni for networking in Cincinnati and beyond! There are more than 1,500 Honors alumni across the country and around the world.
  • Opportunity to attend the college’s annual Cincinnati Business Achievement Awards.
  • Alumni Board whose mission is to foster alumni-student relationships through professional and personal development events, partnering with the Student Board to innovate programming that expands upon existing and current events.
  • Specialized recruiting and company events in honors course sections.

Dedicated Infrastructure of Lindner Business Honors Faculty and Staff

Chris and Livvy

Senior Academic Advisors Chris Stone (left) and Olivia Cameron are just two of the Lindner staff members committed to the success of Lindner Business Honors students.

  • Highly regarded faculty teaching Honors sections that embrace the theme of business problem solving.
  • Specialty sections of:     
    • Accelerated First Year Essentials of Business includes Project Innovation
    • Project Impact course that collaborates with Honors company partners woven into laddered problem solving in upper-level honors sections.
    • Bennis Leadership Accelerator 
    • Career Success Strategies
    • Capstone Consulting
  • Dedicated honors directors, assistant directors, advisors, career coaches and faculty to help you successfully find co-ops, post-graduate employment and ensure you maximize the value of your Lindner Business Honors experience.
  • Alumni Honors Advisory Boards and Student Honors Advisory Boards that continually innovate to meet the needs of the students and environment with special topic lunch and learns, networking engagements, etc.