Poppins Health

Firm overview

Poppins Health is changing the world of health insurance one small business at a time. Our goal is to be the only health plan any individual needs - serving them through each decade while they navigate life.

We are an innovative and modern health plan that provides health plans options with no deductible and no co-insurance. Oh - and did we mention no network restrictions as well? Helping our members find high quality, low care care solutions is what we do all while saving businesses and its employees thousands of dollars a year. 

Products and/or services

We believe that small businesses and their employees deserve a more accessible and transparent health plan without having to pay the costs of it. Which is why we created exactly that. Our health plan serves organizations with 25-500 employees throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

We offer:

  • A health plan with no deductibles and no co-insurance; reducing business costs and out-of-pocket costs for employees
  • A member first approach with advance primary care at the center of our plan options; healthcare is human and to us it will always be that way
  • Access to preventative and diagnostic care; helping people take care of their concerns before they become problems. 

Past/current involvement with the Goering Center

Poppins Health joined Goering Center in 2021 to help businesses and their employees thrive.

Special offer for Goering Center Core Members

Preferred access to our health plan.

Contact information

Primary contact: Nisha Parikh
1223 E Main Street
Columbus, OH 43205

Year founded: 2019