Analytics Events

The Center for Business Analytics holds two large annual events, the technically-oriented Data Science Symposium in the fall and the Analytics Summit in the spring.

Both events feature national and internationally recognized leaders, experts and practitioners in the analytics and data science industries. Our events are open to the public, with about 75% of attendees from local, national and international business, non-profit and government organizations, the balance being analytics/data science students, researchers and faculty from a wide range of institutions.

"Real World Applications of Business Analytics"

Join us April 30, 2024, at the Sharonville Convention Center for a full day focused on "Real World Applications of Business Analytics." Learn from two outstanding keynote speakers and pick from a selection of five topic- and industry-focused track sessions with three speakers in each.

Contact Larry Porter for details on sponsorship, proposals and more.

Thornton May

Futurist and Author at The Digital Value Institute

"Analytics & YOUR Future"

As the opening keynote, Thornton will answer “What can you, a proud member of the University of Cincinnati “analytics community” do TODAY to ensure that thirty years from now YOU will have realized the full promise of YOUR amazing potential?” Analysts are the hidden super-heroes of our collective future. It’s time to celebrate how WE are going to change the world

Richard Harknett

UC Ohio Cyber Range Institute

“Algorithmic Agency: Organizational Adaptation in a World of Fluidity”

His closing keynote will talk about how it’s not about the code or the data collection itself, but the role and responsibility you assign algorithms (including artificial intelligence, or AI) in your organization. His keynote will give an overview of the uneven regulation that applies in this area which is coming in fits and starts, but will also argue that this will only partially impact how your organization adapts and leverages these opportunities in the future.

Tools and Techniques

Leading the Way

This track focuses on innovative approaches for strategy, foresight, leadership, and organizational development needs to support data and analytics. Topics could include research, innovation, collaboration with industry and institutions, or policy and decision-making.


  • Kelly Cohen, Brian H Rowe Endowed Chair and Director, AI Bio Lab, Digital Futures.
    "Towards an AI Future which is Responsible and Ethical"
  • Mehmet Saglam, Johnson Associate Professor of Finance, University of Cincinnati
    "Can Generative AI Help Predict Asset Returns?"
  • Bill Nicholson, Assistant Professor-Educator, University fo Cincinnati
    "Are You Smarter than an AI Model? Exploring Contents and Provenance of Generative AI Benchmarks"
The AI Revolution

The AI revolution encompasses the rapid development and deployment of AI-powered systems and applications that have the potential to significantly change how we live, work and play. This track considers the transformative impact of artificial intelligence technologies on various aspects of industry, institutions, and everyday life. work, and interact.


  • Michael Howard, CEO, Nichefire
    "Predicting the Pulse of the World: Understand Culture with Generative AI & Predictive Analytics"
  • Satoru Hayasaka, Data Scientist, Knime
    "LLMs In a Low-Code Environment – Is it Possible?"
  • Kristy Wedel, Senior Manager Data Science, Abbott
    "The Future of AI: A Roadmap for Ethical and Accountable Artificial Intelligence"
Tell the Story

This track contemplates how using data and visualizations to communicate a compelling narrative about key insights is the way to convey complex information in a way that is easily understandable and engaging for the audience. Topics could include data visualization, storytelling and related.


  • Alexandra Castillo, Vice President and Chief Data and Analytics Officer, & Jenna Burget, Sr Business Intelligence Analyst, UC Health
    “Prescribing Insights: A Data-Driven Tale in Healthcare Storytelling”
  • Christopher Chin, Data Storytelling and Presentation Trainer, The Hidden Speaker
    "Data Storytelling is Hard: Let AI Make It Easy"
  • David Ciommo, Data Visualization Principal, Humana
    "Data Storytelling: The Cognitive Journey to Data Literacy"


Data and Analytics Essentials in Industry

This track considers how data analytics has become an essential tool for the industry, offering valuable insights that help operators optimize operations, understand customer behavior, and improve overall business performance.


  • Dave Cherry, Executive Advisor, Cherry Advisory
    "Beyond the Buzz: Crafting a Business-Centric Analytics Strategy for True Digital Transformation Impact"
  • Nan Jararam: CEO and Founder, CoStategix & Jeremy Henry: Vice President of Technology, CoStrategix
    "Proactive Data Quality Management and Observability for AI Success"
  • Financial Panel: Rob Golden, Great American Insurance Group, Rob Carnell, Huntington Bank, Shanna Anderson, Fifth Third Bank, Myra Chen, Capital Group

Leadership/Organizational Effectiveness

Digital Transformation Through Analytics

What does it take to drive the organizational transformation necessary to become a data-driven enterprise? This track has leaders talking about how to build and execute a Data & Analytics strategy. – staffing, organizing, training, technology platforms, data engineering, cross-functional collaboration, etc.Are you a data leader, data scientist, analyst, or engineer with a passion for sharing your knowledge?


  • Vivek Anand, Pricing Analytics Expert
    "Machine Learning Applications in B2B Price/Revenue Optimization"
  • Sarah Denman, Vice President, Data Science-Merchandising Analytics, 84.51
    "Kroger Analytics Evolution Through Tech and Talent"
  • Brandon Lee, CEO, Fistbump
    “Twinning Your Way to Sales Outreach Success: Amplifying Your Team's Voices with Generative AI”

Data Science Symposium 2024-October 10

Call for Speakers

Held in the fall, the Data Science Symposium provides a forum for experts to provide deep-dive relevant perspectives on a wide range of topics and tools in data science. This event typically features multiple keynote speakers as well as hands-on tutorials and technical talks.

We invite you to submit a speaking proposal for the 2024 Data Science Symposium. This event is a great opportunity to share your expertise with a large audience of professionals in the form of a business case study, analytics solution or technical presentation, along any of the following topics:

  • Current issues in data and analytics
  • Analytics leadership
  • Analytics case studies and solutions in all industries
  • Data management/Data science/Artificial intelligence/Machine learning
  • Analytics tools (BI, Data Visualization  Cloud, Python, SQL and more)

Submit a speaker proposal by emailing Larry Porter.

Partner with Us

Our conferences are a great opportunity to share your expertise with a large audience of professionals who are eager to learn from you. Whether you have a business case study, analytics solution or technical presentation, we want to hear from you.
  • Submit a speaker proposal: We are open to submissions from analytics experts and trainers who would like to speak at our events.
  • Sponsor: We are seeking event sponsors who want to connect with the analytics and data science leaders and professionals who attend our events.  Several sponsorship options are available.
  • Participate: Are you a startup technology, analytics, machine learning or AI company? Contact us to learn how you can participate in these events.

To inquire about any of the above, contact Larry Porter.

Past Events

Christina Qi Analytics Summit 2023 Opening Keynote

Christina Qi, CEO @ Databento

"2023:  Fantastic Machines and How to Tame Them"

Abstract: TBD

Bio:  Christina is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing and holds her BS in Management Science from MIT. A Forbes "30 Under 30" honoree, Christina is a Member of MIT's Board of Trustees. She has deep expertise in data science, data management, and related fields. In her talk, she will explore the meteoric rise and unintended consequences of the latest trends, including CHatGPT and Lensa, and the inevitable decision that every company will have to make (bot or no bot)?. Through personal stories and unexpected encounters, she’ll discuss data access and affordability (why does the cost of data rise each year?) as well as common biases when analyzing data (why does it work in simulation but not in the real world?). She  will explore the advantages and short comings of theses technologies in our daily lives.

Xiao-Li Meng Analytics Summit 2023 Closing Keynote

Xiao-Li Meng, Jones Professor of Statistics, and the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Data Science Review

“Being, Training, and Employing Data Scientists:   Wisdoms and Warnings from Harvard Data Science Review”

Abstract: “What Does It Take to Be a Successful Data Scientist?” “Is Data Science Education a Jack of All Trades?” “How Can We Train Data Scientists When We Can’t Agree on Who They Are?” These thought-provoking questions are the titles of articles in Harvard Data Science Review (HDSR). This talk surveys and reflects on data science training, employment and deployment in the BIG (Business, Industry, and Government) world based on such articles, and many more.

Bio: Xiao-Li Meng, the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Data Science Review and the Whipple V. N. Jones Professor of Statistics, is well known for his depth and breadth in research, his innovation and passion in pedagogy, his vision and effectiveness in administration, as well as for his engaging and entertaining style as a speaker and writer.


  1. Business Intelligence
  2. Advanced Analytics
  3. Operations Analytics
  4. Public Analytics
  5. Commercial Analytics

Past keynote speakers include:

  • Eric Siegel: Founder of Predictive Analytics World and Author of Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die.
  • Tom Davenport: Author of Competing on Analytics and cofounder of the International Institute for Analytics.
  • Stephen Few: Recognized as a world leader in the field of Data Visualization.
  • Jack Levis: Director of Process Management, UPS.
  • Zeynep Tufekci: Technosociologist, Author, Professor at University of North Carolina
  • Cynthia Rudin  Professor of Computer Science at Duke University and 2021 winner of the "Squirrel AI Award for Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity" from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

This in-person, all-day event included three featured speakers, two sixty-minute Tech Talk track sessions with four presentations in each track (eight total), and a post event reception.

Featured Speakers (everyone attends)

  1. Bill Inmon (Father of the Data Warehouse), Forest Rim Technology: "Accessing Data in the Lake"
  2. Stefan Karisch Amazon:Operations Research & Analytics at Amazon
  3. Ethan Swan,  ReviewTrackers: From Models to Value through ML Engineering

Tech Talk Session Speakers : Two sessions with four concurrent talks in each:  (choose one talk in each session). Speaker sessions and times TBD

  • Spencer Baucke, PhData: "Enabling Power BI and Snowflake"
  • Dungang Liu, UC: "Sing a song without P-values: embracing analytics tools leading to insights and actions"
  • Doug Meiser/Geoff Marsh: Amend Consulting, “How to Prepare Your Data Science Teams for a Recession”
  • Jesse Piburn, Oak Ridge National Labs: "Advances in Geopgraphic Data Science..."
  • Jeff Gunderson, Delta Analytics: "Collaboration with Jupyter Notebooks"
  • Derrick Martin & Darryl Gleason, Nationwide Insurance: "Emerging Trends in Data Science"
  • Yan Fu, Ford Motor Company, "Leveraging Data, Insight and Analytics to Help Build a Better Sustainable World"
  • Kris Still & Johhny Avant, CoStrategix: "The Sounds of Silence: Reducing Noise One Iteration at a Time with Transfer Learning and Synthetic Data"

Please contact Larry Porter at or 513-556-4742

Andrew Walter Keynote Speaker

Opening Keynote Speaker

"Waiting is Not an Action:  World-Class Data & Analytics Leadership is Needed Now!"

Andy Walter
P&G (retired) / AJW-Advisory LLC

With two years now of incredible disruption, transformation, and acceleration across every industry, the Data & Analytics Leadership needed now is changing rapidly. Andy Walter – Board Director & Strategic Advisor and Author of Waiting is Not an Action, will explore the latest industry trends and insights from over twenty Analytics Leaders, and provide actionable steps for you now and into the future.



Kathy Koontz Keynote Speaker

Closing Keynote Speaker

"Building a Modern Data Strategy"

Kathy Koontz
Amazon Web Services 

Applying old organizational models and methodologies to modern cloud technology won’t allow companies to achieve the kind of results and agility they expect. Companies need an operating model, organizational model, and data literacy approach that enables data-driven decision making throughout an organization. In this session, we will explore:


  • The people, process and technology considerations in building a modern data strategy
  • Methods for driving agility across the business
  • Getting your teams into a data-first mindset


Supply Chain Analytics Track Speakers

  1. Evaluating Roadway Safety Performance: An Iterative Approach
    Peter Fortunato & David Shuey: OKI Regional Govts
  2. Leveraging Emerging Supply Chain Technologies to Drive Efficiency
    Adrian Kumar: DHL
  3. Title TBD
    Ian Smith from REDI Cincinnati     
Operations Analytics Track Speakers
  1. Prescriptive Analytics in Action - Inventory Management
    Doug Meiser and Joe Ratterman: Amend Consulting, Nick Austin: F&M Mafco
  2. Whole Hospital Modeling for Patient Flow
    Tyler French: UC Health & Denise White: University of Cincinnati
  3. Test Analytics
    Ryan Fitzpatric: GE Aviation
Marketing/Retail Analytics Track Speakers
  1. Using ML to Improve Data Quality and Drive Customer Preference
    Perry Seal & Mini Rajkumar: Kroger,  Kris Still: CoStrategix
  2. Marketing Analytics (B2B Commercial Sales)
    Branden Pauly: Meritor
  3. Building an Innovation Ecosystem
    Dan Whitacre: Kroger

Analytics Management and Leadership Track Speakers

  1. Data Centricity as the best solution to manage complexity in the digial age
    Ruben Sardaryan: Infocratic
  2. Predictive Analytics in Business context and end-to-end machine learning applications"
    Ankita Mangal: Procter and Gamble
  3. Analytics Leadership in a Time of Crisis
    Zahir Balaporia: FICO
Analytics Technology Track Speakers
  1. Predicting Trends That Matter: How to Use Social Data and AI to Develop Impactful Predictions
    Michael Howard: NicheFire & Joe Kikta: USBank
  2. AI About the Data Lakehouse
    Bill Inmon: Forest Rim Technology
  3. Beyond the Noise: Generating Recommendations with Graph Data Science
    Zach Blumenfeld, NEO4J
Post-Event Networking
  • Third Eye Brewing (across the street from the Convention Center)

Analytics Summit 2022: Selected Videos from Ruben Sardaryan and Bill Inmon

Due to travel difficulties, these speakers presented via Zoom and allowed us to share their talks.  All other presentations were live and were not recorded.