International Experiences

International travel and study abroad are an integral part of our global business environment, and Lindner Business Honors embraces that global perspective.


Lindner Business Honors (LBH) study abroad and co-curricular experiences are heavily supported by the program. These experiences could be short-term, faculty-led courses, semester-long study abroad or international co-op positions. Funds used are the gracious gifts of alumni and donors supporting LBH. LBH has awarded more than $55,000 in additional funding to aid our students studying abroad. 

  • Our honors students have studied abroad in more than 28 countries, including France, Dubai and South Africa, with the support of Lindner International Programs.
  • Since fall 2021, LBH students have comprised 40% of study abroad experiences within the college for a total of 241 international travel experiences.
  • Some of our students’ favorite destinations include France, Czech Republic and Albania, Spain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Africa, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Norway. Their most traveled cities include Dubai, UAE; Prague, Czech Republic; Nantes and Toulouse, France; Bilbao and Getxo, Spain; and Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Our study abroad students represent 18 different majors, with finance, marketing, business economics, international business, business analytics and accounting majors being the most well-traveled.

Short-term study abroad programs


INTB 2014 students visit the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan during their study abroad experience.

All Lindner Business Honors first-year students participate in the First-Year Experience study abroad course (INTB 2014) with travel during spring break to Querétaro, Mexico, visitng the University Technology Institute of Monterrey (ITESM), Querétaro campus.

The course provides students with an amazing experience, allowing them to:

  • Practice Spanish already learned in high school or in college.
  • Visit world-class manufacturing operations and network with industry leaders.
  • Experience a different culture by living with host families (two students to a family).
  • Climb the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan.   

Students learn first-hand through presentations, business, language and culture classes, discussions with experts in industry, company visits and cultural sightseeing. This encounter builds cultural competency as students see how historical and cultural influences affect business relationships and gain further insight into Mexican culture by living with a host family. 


Riley Higgins (bottom left), BBA '26, lived with a host family and fellow Honors students during her study abroad experience in Querétaro, Mexico.

"Living with my host family in Querétaro was the best part of my travels. My three roommates and I stayed with our host mom, Julieta, and her family. I felt so welcomed from the first time we met her and ate the delicious food she had prepared for us. I also got the opportunity to further bond with her through speaking Spanish and listening to all of her hilarious stories. She had hosted many years of Bearcats and was accommodating to all our needs. I can’t wait to go back and visit her one day!" — Riley Higgins, BBA '26

Lindner Business Honors students also may take Global Environment of Business Honors (INTB 3080), an enhanced course that includes a travel element at the end of the spring semester. 

A group of 17 Lindner Business Honors students pose with a red Cincinnati Bearcats flag in front of a tunnel opening

Lindner Business Honors students travel through Europe at the end of the spring semester as part of INTB 3080.

This course brings students to the heart of European history, trade and culture. During the semester, students analyze the cultural, social, political, economic, legal and financial environments in which business executives manage their operations in today's international business environment.  

The travel component then allows students to:

  • Learn more about the importance of the European Union as a mature market and trading partner.
  • Sharpen their professional cultural competency.
  • Gain insights on how to build and pivot international business strategies for success.  
  • Visit corporations and other organizations across industries.
  • Enjoy cultural tours, how-to workshops and exploring local sights!

Throughout the experience, students apply in-class concepts to real-world problems and examples. 

Seventeen Lindner Business Honors students pose in front of a statue of a man riding a horse in a park plaza

Global Environment of Business Honors (INTB 3080) students visited cultural sites throughout the Czech Republic and Albania.

“Studying abroad with the Lindner Honors Program opened lines of thinking that I had previously never thought possible. Seeing the business side along with the fascinating history of the two nations [Czech Republic and Albania] firsthand with 15 of my closest friends allowed for deep thought and discussion about our life in the United States and how it differs from what we saw on our journey. Because of this course, I now approach professional situations from a more wholistic perspective and feel better equipped to tackle the business world's challenges!” — Will Stautberg, BS '25

Long-term study abroad experiences

Many of our students don’t stop with our short-term programs opting to pursue a full semester or co-op abroad.  

I am so fortunate and lucky enough to have the opportunity this summer to co-op abroad in Singapore after my first year! This co-op has provided me invaluable lessons, skills and experiences that have kick-started my professional career within the international business and marketing world. Thank you to the Lindner Business Honors program for providing me with the best professors and advisors who have set me up with the skills necessary for success!

Katie Hammond, BBA '26

Katie Hammond, BBA '26, explores Singapore during her international co-op experience.