Student Experience

No matter your background, you’ll find a home at Lindner. After all, today’s leading companies — and tomorrow’s leaders — are comprised of individuals from a wide variety of geographies, genders, ethnicities and nationalities who grow inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Philosophy 

Our curriculum philosophy and dedication to experiential learning is what sets a Lindner education apart.

The college provides students with unique opportunities to build professional experience, cultural competency and leadership skills inside and outside the classroom. At the Lindner College of Business, we provide real-world business experiences to help students cultivate their passions and develop their skills through hands-on learning, in-course projects, co-op, internships, research, campus involvement and with the help of our employer partners.

Our Community


From day one, our students receive 360-degree support, from their first-year learning communities and expert, caring faculty or from our trusted academic advisors and award-winning career coaches. Students benefit from a sense of belonging and an atmosphere that allows them to be and grow into their best, most authentic self. Our programs, clubs and organizations allow students to interact with their peers to learn to work and lead together.

Lindner’s commitment to inclusive excellence, global knowledge and real-world problem solving is how we are molding the next generation of business leaders.

Unique Opportunities

At Lindner, students have the power to customize their journeys with unique experiences — from co-op to study abroad and more. Our students learn by doing and we provide them with the opportunities they need to develop and feed their ambitions. With multiple study abroad excursions offered each semester, students gain exposure to global business perspectives, shaping them both personally and professionally.

And for those selected to participate in Lindner Business Honors, students are placed on an accelerated path of study and growth, connecting with alumni, building community and propeling their career goals further.