Meet the Founder: Kolodzik Business Scholars

Marvin P. Kolodzik with Ruth Seiple and the Bearcat mascot

Kolodzik (left) with Lindner Business Honors Director Ruth Seiple, who served as director of the legacy KBS honors program from 2015 to 2021.

When Marvin P. Kolodzik, BBA ’59, reflects on his college experience, he recalls having to save money to pay his way.

“I saved enough money to complete my first year of college at Ohio State, with the full intention of transferring to UC because the co-op program would allow me to earn my way to complete my college education,” said Kolodzik.

His desire to help highly qualified business students pay for their college education and experiences translated into a top-notch scholarship program and one of the legacy honors programs, turned community through Lindner Business Honors, Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS).

Lindner Business Honors incorporates all of the experiences that Kolodzik himself enjoyed throughout his collegiate and work life — professional, international, service and leadership — as well as specialized academics.       

Get to know Mr. Kolodzik and what drives his passion for UC below:

As a businessman with 34 years of industry experience in accounting, finance and management, Kolodzik spent the bulk of his career in leadership roles with Emerson Electric Co. (formerly Browning Manufacturing Company), including two years in Hong Kong as financial director of a subsidiary. He returned to Cincinnati in 1991 to serve as president of subsidiary Emerson Power Transmission in Maysville, Ky., before retiring in 2001.

Kolodzik draws inspiration from his rich life experiences to achieve his scholarship vision: to help ensure a successful academic journey, from freshman to graduation to the real world.

He enjoys observing the progression from student to young professional, with occasional opportunities to interact with students along the way.

“I feel I have made an investment in our young people with the KBS program,” he said.