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Firm Overview

At MLA, we believe business makes a promise to improve the lives of those it serves. We understand that business owners find fulfillment in the success of those they serve and employ. Because of that belief, we leverage our financial expertise to look at all aspects of a business through organizational best practices. We accomplish these objectives through our seven-step Business Redeemed Process. This gives us a wholistic look at your business, and allows us to bring the right resources to bear to position your business for the growth you desire.

Products and/or Services

  • Protect What You Have: Our first concern is to use our financial knowledge and expertise to protect your business. We do this through careful work, diligent compliance and taking your concerns to heart.
  • Guide You In The Moment: Our ongoing objective is to serve as your trusted advisor, applying our experience to your specific situation. We look to provide honest and helpful insight as we pursue your goals of sustainable growth.
  • Empower You For The Future:  As we grow together, our goal is to empower you as a business owner. We apply our leadership and deploy the full resources of the MLA team to help you fulfill your unique vision of good in the world.

Past/Current Involvement with the Goering Center

Past member, Seth Morgan spoke at an event in October 2019.

Special Offer for Goering Center Core Members

We are advisors who also do. Our fractional approach makes our team's diverse expertise and broad experience available to you.

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Seth Morgan
130 West Second Street
Dayton, OH 45402

Year Founded: 2006