Women in Sales Course

At the University of Cincinnati, our female Professional Selling course empowers women to succeed by building resilience, conquering fear of failure and increasing confidence in their sales ability.

Course description

Photo of Professor Jane Sojka

Jane Sojka, PhD.

Observation and research have taught us that women have different styles of communicating, selling, and negotiating than men. Taught by Jane Sojka, PhD, marketing professor-educator, the purpose of our Women in Sales course is to introduce those principles and processes of professional selling that students will use to start their career and succeed in the sales profession.

Our students gain a new perspective of the role of the salesperson in today's business world. They gain confidence in their ability to prospect, uncover client needs, handles objections, negotiate and build relationships. This course seeks to empower women, which empowers everyone.

Sojka uses a combination of classroom discussion, role plays and experiential learning activities in the classroom. She engages with the Center's corporate sponsors to create valuable cocurricular activities for our students and sponsors, including elevator speech practice, telephonic skills and an end-of-semester sales role play. 

Students complete several written assignments throughout the semester, including a resiliency self-assessment paper, a professional refusal email, a cold call report, a negotiation report, a Sales Expo reflection paper and a dress to impress report. Each of these assignments builds on the foundation of developing a young professional with excellent business and sales ethics.

The Women in Sales class at Lindner generates productive and positive conversations and produces powerful and strong female business students.

In the news

Local 12 news segment highlighted Sojka's Women in Sales Course. The piece explains how Sojka is changing the ways women approach sales and the business world in general.