Jane Sojka

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Jane Sojka, PhD

Professor-Educator and Marketing Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Marketing

2386 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Dr. Jane Z. Sojka graduated with honors in English from Indiana University and obtained her M.B.A. from Wichita State University and her Ph.D. from Washington State University. She has taught a wide range of marketing courses including marketing principles, consumer behavior, and professional selling. She has taught MBA courses, doctoral teaching workshops, on-line courses, and executive education programs. She is a past recipient of multiple teaching awards including the Academy of Marketing Science Outstanding Teaching Award was recently awarded the AMA Innovative Excellence in Marketing Education award. She was named a Lindner College of Business Teaching Fellow in 2015 and received the Excell Teaching Award in 2016. Dr. Sojka was instrumental in establishing the Center for Professional Selling at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Sojka has worked as a marketing consultant to large and small businesses across the country. Prior to her consulting activity, she was employed as a buyer and materials manager for the Coleman Company in Wichita Kansas. She has published in marketing journals, has authored teaching materials, and presented papers at national conferences. Her research interests include affect and decision processing, sales and sales management, visual/verbal communication, and marketing pedagogy.

Teaching Interest
Professional Selling, Marketing Principles, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy

Research Interest
Affect and Cognition in Consumer Decision-making, Sales and Sales Management, Marketing Education Pedagogy

Institution: Coleman Company
Title: Materials Manager
End Date: 1984-08-31

Develop a sales program, instituted curriculum, devised and promoted new course, secured commitment from athletic dept., began relationship with 23 new sales contacts, organized two corporate visits for sales students, invited six professional sales people to class, began sales leaders program, coached first UC sales team in NCSC, attended sales center consortium.
Dates: 2011-09-15

Awards | Honors
Organization: Lindner College of Business
Name: Excellence in Service to Research Award
Year Received: 2018

Organization: Lindner College of Business
Name: Ronald J. Dornoff Fellow of Teaching Excellence
Year Received: 2018

Name: Lindner College of Business Teaching Fellow
Year Received: 2017

Name: Dean's List for Teaching Excellence
Year Received: 2016

Organization: AMA
Name: Solomon-Marshall-Stuart Award for Innovative Excellence in Marketing Education
Year Received: 2016

Organization: Lindner College of Business
Name: EXCEL Teaching Award
Year Received: 2016

Name: Dean's List for Teaching Excellence
Year Received: 2015

Name: Lindner College of Business Teaching Fellow
Year Received: 2015

Organization: Academy of Marketing Science
Name: Academy of Marketing Science Outstanding Marketing Teacher Award
Year Received: 2015

Name: Dean's List for Teaching Excellence
Year Received: 2014

Organization: Turner Scholars
Name: Turner Scholar Faculty Award
Year Received: 2011

Institution: Washington State University
Location: Pullman, WA
Major: Marketing
Dissertation: Relationship Selling:  The Effects of Sex, Gender, and Family Role on Sales Role Conflict and Salesperson Performance
Completed: 1995
Degree: Ph D

Institution: Wichita State University
Location: Wichita KS
Major: Marketing
Completed: 1984
Degree: MBA

Institution: Indiana University
Location: Bloomington IN
Major: English
Dissertation: The Role of First Person Narrators in the Works of John Hawkes
Completed: 1976
Degree: BA

Published Contributions
Corinne Novell, Karen Machleit, Jane Sojka,  (2016). “Are Good Salespeople Born or Made? An Implicit Theories Perspective with Implications for Hiring and Training,” . Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 309-332.

Jane Sojka,  (2014). Developing a Stakeholder Approach for Recruiting Top-level Sales Students. Journal of Marketing Education, 75-86.

Riley Dugan, James Kellaris, Linda Orr, Jane Sojka,  (2013). Sales Job Applicant Tradeoffs between Corporate Social Responsibility and Compensation Levels. National Conference in Sales Management.

Xin Wang, Riley Dugan, Jane Sojka,  (2013). CRM Systems with Social Networking Capabilities:  The Value of Incorporating a CRM 2.0 System in Sales/Marketing Education. Marketing Education Review, 241-250.

Accepted Contributions
Jane Sojka, (Accepted). Salesperson Preference among Hispanic and Asian Immigrants. American Journal of Business/Emerald .

Research in progress
Title: "Closing the Gender Gap in Confidence: Using an All-Female Marketing Class to Increase Confidence Levels in Women"
Description: revision request --Marketing Education Review

Title: Negotiate Like a Girl
Description: Workshop Session Proposal for ACE Teaching Fall Conference
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Teaching Confidence:  Students Learn How to Overcome Fear of Failure, Increase Resiliency, and Gain Confidence in Their Ability
Description: Academic manuscript reporting on results from Women in Sales class sponsored by P&G
Status: On-Going
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Women in the Workforce - Feminisim and Diversity
Organization: Alpha Kappa Psi
Location: Baldwin
Year: 2017

Title: Bringing the “Real World” into the Marketing Classroom:  Incorporating In-class Experiential Learning throughout the Marketing Curriculum
Location: Orlando, Florida
Year: 2017

Title: “Solomon-Marshall-Stuart Award for Innovative Excellence in Marketing Education” award presentation
Organization: AMA
Location: Atlanta
Year: 2016

Title: Use of In-class Experiential Learning to Promote Student Engagement,
Organization: AMA
Location: Las Vegas
Year: 2016

Title: Developing an Implicit Theories of Selling Ability Measure
Location: London
Year: 2014

Title: Determinants of Avoidance of Sales Performance Feedback:  A Conceptual Model
Location: Miami, FL
Year: 2014

Title: Green versus The Green:  Sales Job Applicant Tradeoffs between Corporate Social Responsibility and Compensation Levels
Year: 2013

Title: M-Coupon User Characteristics
Organization: APA
Location: Columbus OH
Year: 2011