Executive Education

The Warren Bennis Leadership Institute offers programming for our community partners.

We seek to provide leadership training and experiences to both for-profit and nonprofit community members. WBLI provides a variety of executive education offerings, including: 

  • Workshops (60-90 minutes)
  • A Leadership Essentials Retreat (6-8 hours)
  • Cohort Programs (4-6 months)
  • The Speakers Bureau
  • Customized Executive Education

Workshops (60-90 minutes in length) 

In this interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to identify what Warren Bennis called ‘crucible moments’ and reflect on how they shape your identity as a leader. You will also be able to identify ways you engage in leadership behaviors today — perhaps without even realizing it — and develop strategies to solidify a stronger leader identity.  

Personal vision and mission statements provide direction and drive the realization of our goals and dreams. In this workshop, you will be guided through a series of activities to craft your own personal leadership mission statement and vision board. 

In this workshop, you will: learn how imposter syndrome is defined and how common it is, and identify examples of when you might have experienced imposter syndrome. Plus, receive tips and tactics to overcome imposter syndrome and explore strategies to mitigate and prevent it. 

Leadership Essentials Retreat (6-8 hours) 

This day-long retreat offers a highly experiential program designed to offer participants the opportunity to advance leadership essentials such as: clarifying one’s leadership style, active listening, conflict management, giving feedback, coaching, and enhancing collaboration and inclusion. This retreat will benefit any and all leaders who wish to gain practice and feedback that will develop and strengthen these leadership essentials.

Cohort Programs (4-6 months) 

This open-enrollment program is geared toward IT and technical professionals and focuses on leadership for innovation. Cohorts meet both in-person and virtually once a month for five months. Content includes: 

  • A 360-degree assessment to uncover your leadership style 
  • Managing differences
  • Developing relational skills (conflict, feedback, etc.) 
  • Leveraging your network for innovation 
  • Boundary spanning leadership 

The Inclusive Leadership Program, in partnership with the the Via Institute on Character, includes seven cohort meetings over the course of 5-6 months. The program guides a learning community of both for-profit and nonprofit leaders toward creating affirming and inclusive workplaces. Program objectives include the following:

  • Introduce a three-step framework of inclusive leader behaviors (Chrobot-Mason & Roberson, 2022).  
  • Foster a change in mindset to more effectively practice inclusive leadership.
  • Identify strengths and developmental needs in practicing inclusive leadership through feedback and assessment tools.
  • Develop inclusive leadership skills through practice and feedback provided in a safe learning environment. 
  • Clarify individual and organizational goals to foster inclusion.

Sponsored by the Office of Research, this program will fund faculty and staff to participate in the BOLD program, offered in collaboration with the Leadership Council. Participants receive preparation to assume leadership roles on non-profit boards.

Speakers Bureau

The University of Cincinnati is known internationally for its thought leaders, researchers and scholars in the area of leadership. Please contact the Warren Bennis Leadership Institute to inquire about thought leaders who can serve as your next keynote speaker, facilitator or consultant.  

Customized Executive Education

The Warren Bennis Leadership Institute is available to work in partnership with organizations to design and deliver executive education in the areas of leadership development, team building, cultural change, visioning and strategic planning, and more. Please contact the Warren Bennis Leadership Institute to inquire about the creation of a customized executive education program for your organization.  

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