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Goering Center IN the News

  • December 16, 2022: The sweet spot: Iconic Cincinnati confectionary is ready to expand
  • October 14, 2022: Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit of the Year Awards 2022
  • August 15, 2022: Bengals’ Blackburn sisters give peek at what’s new for fans this season This year the Bengals are focused on making the newly renamed Paycor Stadium even louder than it was last season. [...] That was one of the key points Elizabeth Blackburn, Bengals director of strategy and engagement, and her sister Caroline Blackburn, Bengals senior manager of digital, discussed at a sold-out Goering Center for Family and Private Business quarterly event at Rhinegeist Brewery on Thursday. The event drew about 200, marking the biggest such event the organization has had since the pandemic began.
  • August 5, 2022: Business Succession Forum: Discussion Recap The Cincinnati Business Courier held a forum focused on leadership succession, organization succession, and transferring businesses to the next generation or to new ownership that featured a panel of three local experts, including Carol Butler, Goering Center President.
  • March 28, 2022: 4th Generation to Lead Cincinnati Container into the Future On May 1, 2022, Lauren Johnson-Lake of Cincinnati Container Company assumed the role of President. Formerly Vice President of Operations, she succeeded her father, Paul Johnson, as the fourth generation president of the company. Paul is staying on as Vice President of Technology and Chairman of the Board. [...] In January 2022, Lauren was nominated for the Rising Leader Award at the Goering Center for her work with outside boards, one of the 10 Best Practices of Successful Family and Private Businesses.
  • March 16, 2022: ABC Announces Its 2022 Young Professional of the Year Luke Perry was recently named the Associated Builders and Contractors 2022 National Young Professional of the Year. Before Luke’s tremendous national recognition by the ABC, he and his father Jim Perry became poster children for the Goering Center, literally. If you have attended any of our events, you will have seen Jim’s smiling face on one of our three pop-up banners, and they both grace our Next Generation Institute (NGI)® flyer. Perry Contracting joined the Goering Center in 2016 with the ultimate goal of preparing for the transition of the business from Jim to Luke.
  • December 2021: Not Always All in the Family Family businesses, including treasured local brands, often benefit from outside advice, non-family directors, and the younger generation trying other careers before returning to lead. In Realm: The Journal for Queen City CEOs, David Holthaus interviews Carol Butler, Goering Center President, and features stories of Cincinnati family businesses. (Story begins on Page 36)
  • November 24, 2021: Greater Cincinnati doctor passes down 35-year-old practice to son A Greater Cincinnati doctor who has been practicing in the region for more than 40 years is handing down the reins to his private practice, and his successor is a familiar face. In this Cincinnati Business Courier piece, learn how the Goering Center helped educate the Hill family on the succession process.
  • November 19, 2021: Newport executive search firm names new President Centennial Talent Strategy & Executive Search announced the promotion of Marcus Gardner from Chief Growth Officer to President. In 2008, the Sipple family started their business succession journey with the Goering Center's Next Generation Institute (NGI)®. Hear how NGI helped Mike Jr. and Mike Sr. to evaluate their future and determine what was best for their business and families.
  • November 12, 2021: FAST TRACK: Tire Discounters wants to become a national tire retailer. But to do so, it’ll need to burn a little rubber. In this Cincinnati Business Courier feature, learn why Carol Butler believes family-owned Tire Discounters is well-positioned for growth.
  • August 6, 2021: Cincinnati Business Courier Business Succession Forum Carol Butler, Goering Center President, joined a panel of four experts from different fields to discuss the challenges of and best practices for a successful business transition.

Quarterly Message from the President

When the going gets tough, the tough get growing

Focusing on growth activities and investments during a period when the world appears to be struggling and headed into recession may seem counterintuitive, but these times present a real opportunity.

Read quarterly Presidential Letter here.

2020 Economic Impact

Our first Core Member Economic Impact Study has been published. Goering Center members and Corporate Partners were surveyed in October 2020 and the results published in April 2021.

Learn more about Economic Impact Study here

In Memoriam

On February 7, 2021, the Goering Center lost its founder and friend John Goering. Those who knew him miss him terribly, and those who never met him wish they had. We are proud and bolstered to continue his legacy as tributes and fond memories pour in, and we would like to share his joy, his wisdom and his profound kindness with you as well

From UC News


Philanthropy as an employee attraction and retention strategy

January 18, 2023

Whether you call it “The Great Resignation” or “The Great Rehiring” or avoid referring to it at all, everyone can agree that companies are having a tough time recruiting, hiring and retaining talent in today’s job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in October 2022 that the number of unemployed persons per job opening was less than one at a meager 0.6, a stark contrast to the 4.9 unemployed persons per job opening in April 2020. With competition remaining high in 2023, it will be more important than ever for employers to keep their current and newly hired employees on the payroll.


IRA Updates to the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

January 18, 2023

Among the Inflation Reduction Act’s expansions to existing tax credit opportunities are those that promote the adoption of solar energy systems. The IRA extends the provisions of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) so residential homeowners who install designated solar energy systems between January 1, 2022, through the end of 2032, will receive a tax credit of 30% of the cost from their federal income taxes.


Unlocking the power of data

January 13, 2023

Data has revolutionized the way businesses manage their supply chains. But a lot of data requires a lot of analysis, and University of Cincinnati capstone students can help companies wrangle it all, particularly when the human supply chain is low.


Don't steal my idea

January 12, 2023

Eureka moments in the laboratory or design studio are often the result of months or years of work. Making sure you protect the fruits of your prolonged labors helps maintain your reputation as a researcher or innovator while protecting your future earnings.


Goering Center names new program director and executive...

December 9, 2022

Jim Bax has been named Program Director, and Nita White has been named Executive Administrative Assistant of the University of Cincinnati’s Goering Center for Family & Private Business. Jim and Nita succeed Lisa Bosse and Patty West who served together for seven years throughout a time of significant change.


I want to improve my company culture — Where do I start?

December 5, 2022

As a Certified EOS Implementer and CPA, I work with leadership teams in companies of all sizes to improve their business operations, and that begins with a strong company culture. Think of your company culture in the same way you would think of your company’s personality. It’s the underlying current of energy that makes your business a fun, interesting, engaging, or, even occasionally, a not-so-great place to work. Company culture is built from many elements: mission, vision, strategic plan, career development, office culture, and company ethics, to name only a few.


Tips for Updating Your Business Plan

December 2, 2022

In the last year, businesses have navigated inflation, labor challenges, supply chain disruptions, and economic uncertainty. You have undoubtedly learned a lot about business planning and resilience. With the end of the year approaching, you may be spending time reflecting on this experience and how it applies to the future of your business.


A new reporting requirement: the Corporate Transparency Act’s...

November 4, 2022

A shell company is a company without active business operations or significant assets. Shell companies have been used for a myriad of purposes for years throughout the world. Whether used for security reasons, liability or estate planning purposes, as holding companies, or as tax havens – shell and front companies are widespread in the global economy and frequently used to shield or distance ownership identity. In many parts of the world, shell companies are legal. Their use for illegal purposes, such as tax evasion, fraud, and evasion of international sanctions, has received increased scrutiny of late.


How companies manage supply chains during inflation

November 4, 2022

Chaotic supply chains are significantly disrupting America’s midsize businesses, which often are not in a position to fall back on vertical integration or hefty inventories to cushion the impact.


For family businesses, staying silent on taxes is not an option

November 4, 2022

It could be a drug store company, a lumber yard, or a farm. They all know one day this family livelihood, often multi-generational, will likely have to be sold and vanish forever. Why? It’s an old story, but it usually comes down to death and taxes. Selling is often the only logical answer. Research shows family enterprises make up $7.7 trillion of our annual GDP and represents 59% of the country’s private workforce. Family businesses in America consist of 23.7% in manufacturing, 10.4% in construction/facilities, and 9.75 percent in real estate.

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