Goering Center Strategic Planning Institute

Molly Fender of Monti Incorporated, posing in front of art at her family's business.
The Strategic Planning Institute helped our management team gain clarity about Monti's future. We know where we can win in the marketplace, and what we need to do to put our winning strategy into play. From people to the processes, our team is clear, aligned, and poised to make it happen.

Molly Fender, Monti Incorporated

Engineer your next move

Creating a multi-year business plan isn’t hard. Executing it definitely is. Success depends on how well aligned your leadership team is and how well equipped they are to inspire the rest of your team. In our Strategic Planning Institute you will develop three concise documents to help you gain alignment across your organization and track the implementation of your strategic plan. 

You will develop your winning aspiration and clarify how you will compete in your space. You will define, and test, the capabilities you must develop, and access new tools to keep implementation on track. The Strategic Planning Institute empowers your team with a straightforward action plan that clarifies the future direction of your business and prioritizes the work that your management team will lead.

Who should participate and why?

The Strategic Planning Institute is designed for leadership teams who are serious about competing in their space and are ready to take the steps necessary to implement a winning game plan.

Business teams will work together to determine their optimal playing field, reveal their true competitive advantage and determine if all the operational pieces are in place. Participants will identify gaps in their management systems and determine corrective actions. Finally, they will define success, action steps and milestones so implementation stays on track.

What should you expect?

The program was designed by Dr. Kamath exclusively for Goering Center members using the backdrop of Playing to Win, a process for building multi-year business plans from Harvard Business Review and former P&G CEO, A. G. Lafley.  It includes four, half-day workshops. Guest speakers share their success stories and a limited class size ensures plenty of personal attention.

  1. Where will you play?
  2. How will you win?
  3. What capabilities must you have?
  4. Design your action plan.

Our presenter

Headshot of Dr. Rajan Kamath, PhD

Dr. Rajan Kamath, PhD

Professor, Carl H. Lindner College of Business; CEO, Artesiaa Consulting

Dr. Rajan Kamath demystifies strategy by taking the business of planning and making it easy to understand and simple to execute. He is a Carl H. Lindner College of Business professor who works with CEOs and businesses worldwide to design and implement winning solutions. Rajan is also the CEO of Artesiaa Consulting, a Cincinnati-based firm providing strategy, culture, organization and change management services to leading companies like Haas-TCM, Cengage Learning (formerly Thomson), BPCL, and Procter & Gamble. In the last five years Rajan has dedicated himself to serving owners and leadership teams in companies large and small as they shape the future of their organizations.

Registration information

When: The Strategic Planning Institute is offered each year in the summer. Sessions are half-day workships beginning at 7:30 a.m. and ending at Noon.

For more information on the Strategic Planning Institute please contact David Miller

Headshot of David Miller

David Miller

New Member Engagement Director