Member Alignment Profile™ (MAP)

Critical knowledge for your business success

The results of the MAP Assessment will validate what you think or point out where you've missed. How can you fix something if you don't know it's broken?

Jim Samocki CEO Doran Manufacturing

The Member Alignment Profile™ (MAP) is a service offered to Goering Center members based on a survey of the 10 Best Practices of Successful Family and Private Businesses. Your baseline MAP Assessment is included with your first year membership. The survey is completed by all those who are important to the success of your business: the owners, family employees, select non-employed family members, and key non-family executives, and is designed to highlight best-practice areas that would benefit from additional focus and attention.

How it works

  • Introduction/explanation of the MAP process by a member of the Goering Center Management Team
  • You identify individuals who will participate in the MAP Assessment
  • We provide you with a link to your company’s survey
  • Participants complete an anonymous and confidential online survey that takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • The Goering Center prepares a comprehensive report by analyzing participant input
  • A member of the Goering Center reviews the results of the MAP Assessment with the business owner(s) and recommends an action plan to advance your company and leverage your Goering Center membership

The outcome

The unique insights obtained from the MAP include the integration of the ten best practices by your company, but also the degree of agreement that exists in the company. The results will indicate how well your team is aligned with your company’s mission, goals, and ownership priorities.

The Goering Center recommends taking the MAP every 2-3 years to ensure improvement and continued alignment.

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David Miller

Membership Director