Communication and Culture Institute™ (CCI)

Inspire change

It is well documented that a company's culture can directly impact revenue and profits - for better, or for worse. But it takes self-awareness, skill development, and above all, practice, to positively impact your bottom line. 

At the heart of every healthy culture are leaders who can communicate effectively. Whether you are working to transform a toxic culture, or trying to go from good to great, the Communication & Culture Institute will equip you and your team to inspire meaningful change. 

Who should participate and why?

Designed for both family and private businesses by Scroggins Grear, owners, successors and leadership teams will acquire and practice the skills needed to create a performance-enhancing culture, or change the behavior that is contributing to a dysfunctional culture. Together, you will learn how to use new tools such as charters, councils and communication plans, to design an action plan.

What should you expect? 

We take a deep dive on six key topics over 12, two-hour virtual workshops that are interactive, thought-provoking and fun. Exercises are designed to engage adult learners and a limited class size ensures high participation levels from everyone on your team.

Inspiring respect

Understand what leads to most misunderstandings, then learn and practice new skills to avoid those misunderstandings and overcome barriers.  Learn why disrespect occurs and understand its real cost.

Inspiring trust

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar We’ll share formulas for trust building and develop skills to help build trust in your organization.

Inspiring truth: Stop stinkin' thinkin'

How is your thinking undermining your good intentions? We will identify the most common thought patterns that make us misbehave, learn how to handle these self-defeating beliefs and how this affects our ability to make good decisions.

Inspiring courage: Dare to confront

Do you know how to give effective feedback? Do you have the courage to address discrepancies and destructive behaviors in your organization? Learn how to effectively confront people so you can prevent conflict before it occurs.

Inspiring resolve: Manage conflict

Learn and practice the skills you need to avoid or mediate conflict when it does occur. Then practice these skills some more.

First steps to designing your action plan

Work with our team of experts to take the first steps toward developing a governance structure and the supporting tools you need to inspire change in your organization. Discuss the issues associated with developing a family council or charter, or a communication or culture plan, for your family or private business.

Private Session

A private session scheduled by Scroggins Grear with the participating company at the conclusion of the Communication & Culture Institute.

Our presenter

Headshot of Jill Grear Canady

Jill Grear Canady

Coordinator & Training Director, Scroggins Grear

Jill is a veteran educator, speaker and author, Jill helps adult learners develop interpersonal skills that foster good communication, creating cultures where employees want to work and where customers want to do business.

For more information on the Communications and Culture Institute, please contact Lisa Bosse.

Headshot of Lisa Bosse

Lisa Bosse

Director of Programs & Roundtables

225 Calhoun Street, Suite 360