Boyd Award

Marketing Professor, Drew Boyd, and wife, Wendy, establish new award for innovative teaching.

Professor Drew Boyd speaking at a podium next to his wife Wendy

Wendy and Drew Boyd

Lindner Professor Drew Boyd epitomizes creative thinking. As the co-author of Inside the Box: A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results, Drew literally wrote the book on offering basic building blocks to spark creativity.

Boyd, executive director of the Master of Science in Marketing program and associate professor-educator of Marketing and Innovation at Lindner, instills these principles in his daily lectures.

Needless to say, he and his wife Wendy are passionate about creativity. This passion led to the creation of the "Breakthrough in Innovative Teaching Excellence Award" to support faculty who have made a sustained effort in providing education that is consistently exceptional in training students to think differently.

The award is designed to encourage all faculty to include breakthroughs in teaching into their curriculum as it could be applied to their topic of expertise. By establishing this award, the Boyds hope to promote best practices in higher education, enhance student learning experiences and integrate new pedagogies and/or technologies and techniques into teaching practices.

First Recipients of the Drew and Wendy Boyd Breakthrough in Innovative Teaching Excellence Award

Professor Dave Rapien demonstrates the Microsoft HoloLens to a group of Lindner graduate students.

Professor Dave Rapien demonstrates the Microsoft HoloLens to a group of Lindner graduate students.

Dave Rapien

Rapien, assistant professor-educator of information systems, loves technology. When new "toys" come to market, he acquires the latest and shares them with students. His use of live, hands-on interactions with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices like Google Glass and the Microsoft HoloLens have been an impactful breakthrough.

Students are regularly challenged by Dave in the classroom and are excited to see this new technology, experience it and learn about how it will shape the business world.

Drew Boyd, Executive Director, Master of Science in Marketing program, Associate Professor, Marketing and Innovation

Professor Elliott Manzon presenting to students

Elliott Manzon took first place to win the Axcess-Capon Teaching Innovation Award from the Marketing Management Association for his advertising eye-tracking project.

Elliott Manzon

Manzon, assistant professor-educator of marketing, began a kickstarter project that has had a meaningful impact as many of his students enter his course having never built a website or a product. Within weeks, students created a new product, put together a Kickstarter webpage to market their product and have been inspired by his teaching, Drew Boyd says of his reason for selecting Manzon.