Breaking Out on Their Own

Four Lindner students detail their study abroad experiences

Lindner prides itself on boasting multiple group, faculty-led study abroad programs of varying length in a typical year. While most of that activity ceased or was restricted for most of 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, some Lindner students paved their own way to experience study abroad during semester-long exchange programs — 13 in the fall of 2021 and 43 in spring 2022.

Lindner International Programs also added a pair of new business exchange partners in 2021: the Norwegian School of Economics, based in Bergen, Norway, and Zurich University of Applied Sciences, located in Winterthur, Switzerland. Four Lindner students were kind enough to lend insight into their academic and cultural experiences outside the United States.

Georgia Croci, BBA ’23


An international business and information systems double major, Croci studied in Chile during the spring 2022 semester, wanting to spend time in a Spanish-speaking culture to strengthen her Spanish minor.

“The classes I was in were small and the teachers were great. Being immersed in the culture and needing to use Spanish every day to complete simple tasks was helpful in me learning and getting better.”

Jacob Pelton, BS ’23


Pelton, a business analytics major and economics minor, spent fall 2021 semester studying at the Norwegian School of Economics.

“My favorite experience was living in international student housing in Bergen. I got to meet and become great friends with people all over the world, whom I keep in contact with to this day. Getting to know a lot of these people on such a personal level really gave me a much better perspective on the world.”

Cameron Tanner-Solomon, BBA ’23


Tanner-Soloman, an international business major and management minor, was enrolled at the Toulouse Business School in Toulouse, France, this past spring.

“I decided to study abroad in Toulouse, France, because I have always wanted to live and work in France and this opportunity gave me the chance to fully immerse myself in the French culture. Toulouse Business School is also a top-ranked business school in France, so I knew I would be challenged and expand my knowledge about doing business across many different cultures.”

Caleb Tenkman, BBA ’23


A finance major and business analytics minor, Tenkman studied at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences during the spring 2022 semester.

“The Swiss style of learning has differences from the American way, and by immersing myself in this environment, I am able to learn new approaches and tactics that will benefit my studies upon my return to Cincinnati.”