Media Placements, New Hires & Retirements

Media Placements

Lindner faculty were frequently called on by local, national and international news outlets to respond to developments in business and the global economy during the 2021–22 academic year. Michael Jones, PhD, associate professor-educator, economics, and Charles “Chuck” Sox, PhD, associate dean, graduate programs and partnerships, and an operations and business analytics professor, were Lindner’s so-called “media darlings” due to the sheer number of appearances and the range of topics they discussed.


Michael Jones, PhD, associate professor-educator, economics.

Jones was interviewed by WCPO and WLWT throughout the school year on a range of topics: inflation, homeschooling, small businesses, employee wages, spending habits, rising gas prices, working from home, the labor shortage, consumer buying power, adjustable-rate mortgages and the end of federal unemployment benefits enacted during the pandemic.

He also appeared on Spectrum News to talk about cryptocurrency; joined WVXU to chat about Intel constructing a manufacturing plant in Central Ohio; was interviewed by email newsletter Morning Brew about inflation and employee retention; and joined the podcast “The Kentucky Side” to chat about the job market, interest rates and more.

Sox appeared on WCPO, WLWT and Local 12 on multiple occasions, chiefly to lend expertise on supply chain issues, but he also touched on rising metal prices and grocery store inventory shortages. He was also interviewed by NBC News on the effects of supply chain disruption in the auto industry and made a pair of appearances on Canadian radio show “Hamilton Today with Scott Thompson” to discuss the economic effects of the trucking protest along the U.S.-Canada border.

Other Lindner faculty garnered earned media appearances, too:


Asawari Deshmukh, assistant professor-educator, department of economics.

  • Asawari Deshmukh, assistant professor-educator, department of economics, talked to Cincinnati-area TV stations and Spectrum News about inflation, gas prices and the release of oil reserves.
  • David Brasington, PhD, James C. and Caroline Kautz Chair in Political Economy, professor, department of economics, chatted with WLWT on the economic impact of UC’s football team reaching the College Football Playoff, weighed in on restaurants raising prices to The Columbus Dispatch and spoke to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation about the Cincinnati Bengals’ appearance in Super Bowl LVI.
  • Nadia Ibrahim-Taney, adjunct professor, department of management, offered tips for landing internships to Fast Company and commented on the changing views surrounding workplace professionalism to Yahoo! Finance.
  • Erwin Erhardt, PhD, professor-educator, department of economics, spoke with WCPO about the economic ramifications of the delayed start to Major League Baseball’s 2022 season.
  • Natalia Mintchik, PhD, CPA, CISA, discussed accounting fraud with Bad Left Hook, a boxing website.
  • Roseann Hassey, PhD, assistant professor-educator and director, department of marketing, explained to WCPO how the success of UC’s football team could increase enrollment.
  • Elizabeth Pawley, former director of professional development and curriculum for Lindner Career Services, revealed common cover letter mistakes to Fast Company.

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Welcome New Hires

  • Kevin Allen
    Annual Adjunct Instructor, Department of Economics 
  • Weston Atchison
    Assistant Director, Lindner Career Services
  • Kristy Bramble
    Financial Administrator, Business Affairs

  • Will Bradley
    Assistant Director, Graduate Student Advising

Nathan Emsweller. Coordinator of Building Services.

  • Susan Collins
    Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs

  • Anna Deters
    Associate to the Dean’s Leadership Team

  • Nathan Emsweller
    Coordinator of Building Services

  • Jeffrey Franke
    Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

  • Grant Freking
    Digital Content Specialist, Marketing & Communications

  • Annette Hofmann
    Academic Director, Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management, Virgil M. Schwarm Associate Professor of Finance and Investments

  • Melinda Hubbard
    Assistant Professor-Educator, Department of Management

  • Anita Ingram
    Annual Adjunct Instructor, Departments of Finance and Management

  • Cammie Hulett
    Associate to the Dean

  • Rebekah Keasling
    Senior Business Officer

Eunjee Kwon. Assistant Professor, Department of Finance.

  • Eunjee Kwon
    Assistant Professor, Department of Finance

  • Ronald Meyers
    Assistant Professor-Educator, Department of Management

  • Chanda Monroe-Williams
    Director, Urban Impact and Project Learning

  • Daniel Peat
    Assistant Professor-Educator, Department of Management

  • Sarah Perry
    Annual Adjunct Instructor, Department of Marketing

  • Elizabeth Retyi-Gazda
    Annual Adjunct Instructor, Department of Management

  • Joshua Stamper
    Data Reporting Analyst, Strategic Operations


Lindner bid farewell to valued colleagues in 2021–22. We wish our former faculty and staff members all the best in retirement!

  • Sidney Barton
    Professor-Emeritus & John and Gloria Goering Professorship in Family and Private Business

  • Joseph Burnett
    Assistant Professor-Emeritus, Department of Accounting

  • David Curry
    Professor, Department of Marketing

  • Sherry Hetzer
    Senior Human Resources Coordinator

  • Yong Kim
    Professor-Emeritus, Department of Finance

  • Mary Ann Lorenzen
    Manager of Unit Operations, Departments of Finance and Marketing

  • Julie Menchen
    Administrative Director, Office of the Dean

  • Deborah Myree
    Business Officer

  • Constantine Polychroniou
    Professor-Educator, Department of Marketing