Hamilton Mill

Hamilton Mill logo with "developing the nextgen industrialist" tagline

Hamilton Mill is Southwestern Ohio's small business incubator for green, clean, water, digital and advanced manufacturing technologies. They are a regional incubator offering ease of access to both the Cincinnati and Dayton markets.

They offer access to expertise, key partnerships, city support, and a laboratory for ideas to nurture and grow. Their services include advisory in digital and advanced manufacturing technologies, funding connections throughout the region, customer connection to test out your ideas or concept, office space and job board that would help gather local talent to make your business successful in the market.

Hamilton Mill loves small business and realizes that they are the backbone of the economy. They have an Ohio Small Business Development Center located in their facility. All things start locally and innovation and small business is an integral part of economic development.

If you are a UC student, Hamilton Mill provides a job board where they will connect you with local small businesses in need of some help. If you are a UC entrepreneur, Hamilton Mill helps to provide advisory services, funding & customer connections, collaborative partnerships, and work space.

Contact Hamilton Mill

20 High St.
Hamilton, OH 45011
866-540-4438 / 513-737-6543