Goering Center Professional Services Registry

Family and private businesses regularly retain advisors with particular expertise to assist in the growth of their businesses, to resolve problems, and to manage special projects. Goering Center Corporate Partners and Associate Members provide these professional services and products. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Goering Center's Professional Services Registry, please contact us at 513-556-7130 or goering@uc.edu or click the button below to purchase.

Professional Services Spotlight

Each week, we highlight one of our Professional Services Members.

CLARITY Research & Strategy is focused on consistently delivering value to its B2B, B2C, and nonprofit clients. Clarity about a business’s customers, competition, and brand is a game-changer that drives business success in the marketplace when it is applied to a firm’s marketing and branding research, strategy, and execution efforts. Clarity overcomes significant barriers to business success, including a lack of clear insight, clear direction, and ultimately clear business growth.

Safe Haven Policy

The Goering Center respects the privacy of our members, and provides a safe-haven environment. Members agree not to market to or solicit other members, but are encouraged to buy from each other. Names, addresses, and contact information are strictly confidential and are to be used only for member-to-member communications.