Business owner and his son looking a blueprint at their family business.

Goering Center Institutes & Roundtables

The Goering Center excels at guiding family and private business leaders to build the infrastructure they need to achieve their potential, today and in the future generations. Our multi-day institutes address common challenges and lead you to create positive solutions.

Goering Center institutes cover strategic planning, transitioning ownership, assembling a board of advisors, developing leadership skills and maintaining open business communication for lasting harmony and legacy.

The Next Generation Institute® is for owners and leaders of family businesses, their successors, and other family members who may or may not work in or have ownership interest in the business. They come to tackle the tough questions together, have difficult conversations, and gain a holistic perspective on the succession journey. We shine a light on the issues they could not anticipate in a caring, supportive environment.

Cincinnati-based Leadership Excelleration developed the Leadership Development Institute exclusively for Goering Center members. In a unique format, seasoned CEOs and presidents work side by side with emerging leaders. This mix of tested experience and fresh perspective energizes and inspires participants while forming strong bonds across family and private businesses in our region.

The Goering Center’s Business Boards Institute was created by Aileron for CEOs, presidents and owners of family and private businesses who are ready to get to the next level. Our advisory boards are formed to help owners achieve a specific outcome. We help you find the right people, and understand the process, so you can get your board up and running quickly.

Designed for both family and private businesses by Scroggins Grear, owners, successors and leadership teams will acquire and practice the skills needed to create a performance-enhancing culture, or change the behavior that is contributing to a dysfunctional culture. Together, you will learn how to use new tools such as charters, councils and communication plans, to design an action plan.

The Strategic Planning Institute is designed for leadership teams who are serious about competing in their space and are ready to take the steps necessary to implement a winning game plan.

Business teams will work together to determine their optimal playing field, reveal their true competitive advantage and determine if all the operational pieces are in place. Participants will identify gaps in their management systems and determine corrective actions. Finally, they will define success, action steps and milestones so implementation stays on track.

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Goering Center Roundtables are created for business owners and executives who seek balance across their work and family lives. Successful candidates are “evergreen” — always growing and open to learning from others. Members also want others to benefit from their personal and professional experiences, and they are willing and able to share their insights.

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