Past Recipients

IQ E-Pitch winners pose with a novelty check


Freshman Track Winners

  • First Place (tie): Receiptly; Holly Giese, Aaron Bialon, Nathalie Schickendantz, Reese Vrooman, Jake Snyder
  • First Place (tie): Swaglets; Gray Palmer, Brad Gallop, Zach Segal, Grant Graeter, Kristen Nestor
  • Third Place: Refuge; Isabel Coomes, Andrew Rinke, Alexia Thomas, Joe Guzik

Undergraduate Track Winners

  • First Place: StudyUp; Jackson Welch
  • Second Place: Smart Tags; Kunjal Patel, Kelsey Huffner, Julia Less, Madina Washburn
  • Third Place: FEED; Aaron Ha, Haley Harb, Gabriel Dotterweich, Micaela Goldstein, Luke Shivers 

Graduate Track Winners

  • First Place: 3D Foundations; Balaji Iyer, Crockett Weedn 
  • Second Place: Collaborite; Vinitha Thiyagarajan Upaassana, Kunal Kewalramani
  • Third Place: Cyber Rabbit; Jai Singh, Anthony Cardarelli, Hans Guentert, Cameron Higgins, Clifton Wolfe

Social Enterprise Track Winners

  • First Place: Eco-friendly Solutions; Sathyaprabha Rakkimuthu, Sruthi Ramadurai
  • Second Place: University Breezeway; Sophie Ison, Ben Vonderhaar, Gavin Vargas, Allison Napier
  • Third Place: Jewish Theatre Cincinnati, Zak Lempert


Undergraduate Winners

  • First Place: Tidy Paws; Cassandra Ott
  • Second Place: Gowns; Ramsey Deal, Erika Pankow
  • Third Place: Axizoun; Krishna Nelson, Saketh Mylavarapu

Graduate Winners

  • First Place: Enspyr; Vinitha Thiyagarajan Upaassana, Kiran Vadakkath, 
  • Second Place: Wired Well; Kaitlin Burnam, Allison Manares, Merideth Moore, Emma Hundley, Madison Myers
  • Third Place: TadPoL; Douglas Mace, Bo Brunton


Undergraduate Winners

  • First Place: Embodi; Katie Ferchen, Emaleigh Dunn
  • Second Place: Natalus; Vincent Cevasco, Matthew Terry, Ryan Jordan
  • Third Place: SafeDeliv; Juan Carlos Gauduano, Pranav Yenugu

Graduate Winners

  • First Place: Know Maintenance; Lorenzo Green
  • Second Place: 3D Dynamic Display; Cyrus Azamfar
  • Third Place: Health Captain; Joey Kappen, Carl Labanz

Social Enterprise Winner

  • First Place: C3; Robert Doerning


Undergraduate Winners

First place: Safersit; Francie Ruppert
Second place: Origin Headlamp; Paul DuFour
Third place: Pop; Cole Davis

Graduate Winners

First place: SALICHECK; Vinitha Thiyagarajan Upaassana, Abhijeet Barua, Justinn Eddie, and Samuel Gravois
Second place: Prism VR; Ryan Arey
Third place: Let-Us-Haul; Kapil Nandwana Maneesha


Undergraduate Winners

First place: Brand Bandz; B. Finn, A. Honious, M. Krapf; and Wild Academy; J. Kaising, K. Miller
Second place: Dumbbell Connect; A. Hitt, E. LaSaker, G. Meeker, K. Morgan, T. Zimmerman; and urbanHive; T. Savoca
Third place: Coping Keys; K. Stanifer

Graduate Winners

First place: BreathSense; Geethanga de Silva
Second place: TownCal; A. Bamberger, M. Seifert, L. Strauss
Third place: P2P Delivery Service; K. Nandwana


Undergraduate Winners

First place: Class Compass; E. Sorrell, J. Leuthke, P. Comer
Second place: Kafe 'O; L. Sillies, W. Mckenzie
Third place: Nopneu; D. Scoggins, T. Adeniyi

Graduate Winners

First place: Jubeo; R. Meyers
Second place: Case With Backing; T. Eveler
Third place: Gig Bounty; Z. Von Dienes-Oehm


Undergraduate Winners

First place: Speculum; A. Kordahi, A. Robinson, K. O'Connell, C. Scarbrough
Second place: Irving Footwear NYC; J. Kosenick
Third place: Mirror; A. Savitz

Graduate Winners

First place: My Home Pharmacist; B. A. Watson, C. Barone, D. Soriano, E. Kolb, J. Hatton
Second place: Fuellet; J. Straub, Z. Li
Third place: Jensin Wallace Designs; J. Wallace