Analytics Training and Professional Development

The Center offers an extensive selection of analytics and data management online and in-person courses designed to provide analytics professionals with the skills to manage data, use popular analytics tools, and develop and communicate insights that improve business performance.  

These courses are open to the public. If you are an individual or business professional looking for analytics training, the Center for Business Analytics offers corporate training on a variety of business and data analytics topics. These short courses are taught by data scientists and professionals from the University of Cincinnati and from leading business analytics companies.

Course attendees earn a Certificate of Completion for each class taken.  Attendees have the option to take multiple focused classes that lead to various "Certificates of Compentency" (see information below).

All courses are taught online by live Instructors

"Online is always tougher, but having a live instructor vs. a course that is just a series of videos/tutorials makes a huge difference.“ (training course survey)

"I completed an Intermediate class in using Python for Data Science at the UC Center for Business Analytics. The courses, even when presented online, are excellent. Turns out that the "math" and Python/programming side of Data Science is the easy stuff.  I've picked up a few O'Reily books to prep me for the last, advanced class in June. If you want to get comfortable with data modeling and python, I highly recommend these courses" (linkedin post)

TechCred is a State of Ohio funded program that helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a technology-infused economy.
Essentially, it is reimbursable funds that Ohio companies and non-profit organizations can use to Upskill their employees around technology.

The next round of TechCred applications has not been announced yet

  • Any Ohio registered company may apply to support current and prospective Ohio resident employees for technology-focused credentials.
  • Training costs are reimbursed to employers

Most Center training classes are eligible for the techcred program.

To apply go to the techcred site

To find Center for Business Analytics training on Techcred

  • Go to "Credentials" tab and select the "ALL"  site category
  • Enter keyword (ie Python, Tableau, Excel… )
  • In most cases select the "Certificate" button to show the courses
  • Some courses have been misclassified as "Certifications" but techcred will accept these for "Certificates"
  • If there is a training that is not listed that you want to pursue we can work with you to add this to your techcred application

For assistance with Techcred applications or other questions, please contact Larry Porter  513-556-4742. 

Scheduled Analytics Training Classes (Online with Live Instructor)

 Upcoming Training Classes
Course                                 Dates                         Times                          Registration Link

Introduction to Python for Data Science  
(Data Science Bootcamp and Python Certificate of Competency Class)

Aug 3, 5,10 & 12

8:30AM -12:30PM

SQL for Business Analysts
(Data Science Bootcamp Certificate of Competency Class)

Sept 14, 16, 21 23


Introduction to MS Power BI
(Data Science Bootcamp and Data Visualization Certificate of Competency Class)

Sept 13, 15, 20, 22

12:45 PM - 4:15PM

MS Power Platform Fundamentals

Sept 27, 29, Oct 4, 6

12:45 PM - 4:15PM

Intermediate Python for Data Science
(Data Science Bootcamp and Python Certificate of Competency Class)

Oct 19, 21, 26, 28

8:30AM -12:30PM

Applied Power BI
(Data Science Bootcamp and Data Visualization Certificate of Competency Class)

Oct 20, 22, 27, 29


Data Visualization Principles and Concepts
(Data Science Bootcamp and Data Visualization Certificate of Competency Class)

Nov 3, 5 10, & 12


Advanced MS Power BI
(Data Visualization Certificate of Competency Class)

Nov 22, 24, 29 & Dec 1

12:45 PM - 4:15PM

Advanced Python for Data Science
(Data Science Bootcamp and Python Certificate of Competency Class)

Nov 30 Dec 2, 7, & 9


Introduction to Tableau
(Data Science Bootcamp and Data Visualization Certificate of Competency Class)

Dec  8, 10, 15 & 17 


Advanced Tableau
(Data Visualization Certificate of Competency Class)

Jan 19 ,21, 26 & 28 


Continuing Education Units

A Certificate of Completion is provided with each course showing number of contact hours (instruction), and field of study as "Information Technology" for continuing education purposes. Most courses provides 12 contact hours and are equivalent to 1.2 CEU's.

The term CEU is not a trademarked term; therefore, any educational institution may use it to describe their courses. Professions and industries usually regulate their approved continuing education within their bylaws and not one institute or accrediting body has become a standard to accept in this regard. Professionals should always consult their Association or regulating body prior to embarking on continuing education and not assume a CEU will be accepted as part of their professional development.

We also offer these and other customized courses at your location. For more information on any of these on-site course options, contact Glenn Wegryn, Executive Director of the Center for Business Analytics at or 513-556-7146.






To achieve a Certificate of Competency, all classes must be taken through the Center for Business Analytics.  In the event that professional experience meets the prerequisite for a class, another approved class may be substituted (limited to 1 class per Certificate of Competency).

During the progression of the Certificate training you will be developing a portfolio of work.  We will ask you to save that work and submit it to us upon completion of the final class in the Certificate sequence. There are no final exams, but we will review your portfolio before granting the Certificate of Competency. 

Questions about Certificates of Competency? 

Please contact Larry Porter at



For more information about these classes, or for custom training classes, please contact
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