Transforming Data into Insights that Matter

Lindner’s faculty research propels the business community forward


UC is an R1 research institution, a designation that places us among the nation’s leading universities in research and innovation. That reputation is part of what attracts a diverse array of not just students, but talented faculty. 

UC researchers drive significant economic impact in the region, supporting nearly 5,000 jobs, according to an independent report on the influence of Ohio’s public universities. UC and its affiliates invested a record $615 million into research spending in 2022, demonstrating a serious commitment to discovery and innovation.

Students know that at Lindner — and, by extension, UC — they can work alongside leading researchers and make their mark. To us, this is yet another way students can harness the power of experiential learning that UC and Lindner are known for.

Lindner faculty play their part in this mission by achieving research excellence and continuously pushing to revolutionize the world of business with cross-disciplinary research.   

This is evident in the more than 125 meaningful research contributions and presentations made by our faculty during the 2022-23 academic year. Additionally, they lend their expertise to news networks and mass media, making more than 40 media appearances during this same time period. And the research community continuously recognizes the caliber and impact of our faculty through awards and funding to continue their vital work. 

The below numbers open a window into the real-world expertise Lindner researchers bring to business practices:

  • 3 faculty members with more than 10,000 citations
  • 6 fellows of the UC Graduate College
  • 13 honors, recognitions and awards from Lindner, UC and professional organizations
  • 3 nationally competitive award winners
  • 4 faculty members recognized internally for research excellence
  • 68 faculty publications
    • 58 journal articles
    • 5 book chapters
    • 3 books
    • 2 teaching cases