State of Inclusive Excellence: Building Lindner’s Inclusion Mosaic


From left: Three Business Fellows, Noura Ata, BBA ’24, Alexia Thomas, BBA ’23 and Nicole Patricio-Agosto, BBA ’25, at The Toast 2022. Photo by Joseph Fuqua II.

Valuing individual strengths and supporting one another in our community

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business has been diligently creating its own mosaic, with our pieces coming together to foster access, promote belonging and encourage inclusive leadership.


Nick Castro, JD, CDP, Assistant Dean, Inclusive Excellence

Pipeline programs

Lindner has launched collaborative initiatives for historically underrepresented students eager to become business problem solvers. Programs with Withrow University High School and UC Blue Ash College will prepare students on their journeys to Lindner. 


As part of Lindner’s First-Year Experience, students engage in topics of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. From basic definitions to the business case for inclusion, students are furnished with the foundation for diversity learning that they can expand upon throughout their stay at Lindner and UC.

Inclusive entrepreneurship 

Allen Woods, Lindner’s inaugural Entrepreneur-in-Residence, will focus on inclusive entrepreneurship by building dedicated resources and programming to entrepreneurship-minded students. A co-founder of MORTAR, a local business development company, Woods brings a wealth of experience in enabling historically marginalized entrepreneurs to have successful businesses. 

Lindner Inclusive Excellence Council

Founded in 2019, the Lindner Inclusive Excellence Council has built components to help the college advance an inclusive culture. The Inclusive Teaching toolkit provides Lindner faculty with resources, best practices and guidelines to best serve all students. Additionally, the council developed a system by which faculty and staff who participate in inclusion-related professional development will be recognized with an inclusive leader designation.

While our inclusion mosaic is far from complete, it is wonderful to see these unique pieces forming a cohesive whole at Lindner.


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Nick Castro, JD, CDP
Assistant Dean, Inclusive Excellence


UC students enjoy Pride at Lindner’s Loud and Proud on the Lawn in fall 2021. Photo by Danielle Lawrence.


2022 Business Fellows graduates following The Toast 2022. Photo by Joseph Fuqua II.