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Born from a lifelong love of small business, Our passion is for Good companies that desire to be Great. In competition, good teams score something, great teams achieve the most and win, consistently. From Main Street to Middle Market, our commitment is empowering owners/organizations to attain the best they can be and highest enterprise value for their companies. Paramount to Living your Ideal life, and the purpose our company exists

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Businesses that run well and are growing are valued at the highest levels. RZBC maximizes Profitability, Operations, Sales, and Continuity strategies (Max4) through results proven analysis and processes. This methodology is ideal for companies/owners that have 3 or more years to grow or Exit, so they achieve being “built to sell”.Business, Exit, Succession, Transition for Owners and Families business Solutions( BESTofBizSolutions) is the best method for companies/owners that are on the fast track to exit in two years or less.

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Rik Saylor