Malibu Group

Firm Overview:

The Malibu Group comes alongside business owners who are making significant decisions regarding the future of their businesses. This may include ownership restructuring, exit strategy development or sale of divisions or the Company. Malibu can strategically plan your growth, identify and pursue the targets, negotiate the deal and manage the transaction.

Services and/or Products:

The Malibu Group team members are experts in helping business owners prepare, sell, and grow their business. The Malibu Group performs sell-side advisory work, business valuation, market research and business consulting services.

Past/Current Involvement with the Goering Center:

Malibu was one of the first sponsors of the Goering Center Awards almost 15 years ago. Malibu is very excited about becoming more involved once again.

Special Offer(s) for Goering Center Core Members:

Malibu would be pleased to sit with any Core Member who is weighing the difficult decision on how to transition generational ownership inside or outside the business.

Contact Information:

Primary Individual Contact:

Peter Kubasek
4444 Carver Woods Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Year Company/Firm Founded: 1997