IT Ally, LLC

Firm Overview:

IT Ally is 100% focused on serving small and midsize businesses and non-profit organizations to help them harness the power of technology to reach their business goals. Through our unique and differentiated business model, we can provide enterprise IT quality and capabilities that are affordable for the every day business.

Services and/or Products:

IT Ally offers an unparalleled and comprehensive combination of IT Advisory, Talent, and Education services.  We can rapidly assess your IT management maturity against industry best practices and frameworks and provide you with Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) level talent on a fractional basis to oversee your improvement plans.  We offer flexible monthly subscriptions to make access to these critical functional leaders affordable to you. Our extension partner network of individual IT leaders and IT Ally partner companies, provide us with the ability to serve all of your IT strategic and operational needs.

Past/Current Involvement with the Goering Center:

My involvement with Goering has been only recent via introductions made by board member contacts.  I recently attended the 2018 Economic Forecast event with Alan Beaulieu, which was very informative and have networked with other Core and Associate members.

Describe a Special Offer You Would Make to the Goering Center Core Members:

I am open to several ways to provide value to Core Members given my personal commitment to serving the SMB’s in our community. I want to be able to educate them on IT management best practices that will help their businesses to not only survive, but also thrive.

Contact Information:

Primary Contact Information

Michael Fillios
4709 Country Downs Drive
Mason, OH 45040
Year Company/Firm Founded: 2017