Corporate Consciousness

Firm overview

Corporate Consciousness helps companies achieve higher levels of emotional intelligence and create collaborative, effective work environments by offering models that improve internal communications and reinvigorate company culture. Our clients are innovative and creative companies who rely on highly effective teams for their success and have a strong desire to stay ahead of the competitive or collaborative curve.

Services and/or products

We support employees with tools and training that help them to increase their understanding of themselves based on their deep motivations. With that awareness, they are able to better manage themselves and their relationships, leverage their strengths, and create empathy among team members. We use the Enneagram, a personality typing system, as the foundational tool for our work.  We offer Executive Coaching, Collective Leadership Team Training, Wellness Training, and comprehensive Enneagram Assessments.

Past/current involvement with the Goering Center

Owner, Deni Tato, has been a Goering event speaker and facilitated Enneagram training for Goering Center members.

Contact information

Primary Contact: Deni Tato
1450 Riverside Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Year founded: 2009