How "Phoenix Rising" Covington Luncheon Inspired Resilience

Re-cap of Phoenix Rising Luncheon, February 28, 2018

Goering Center members and friends met for lunch at the Grand Banquet Hall in Covington on February 28, 2018, to hear two local CEOs share stories of their business “rising from the ashes.”

CEOs Dan Glier of Glier’s Goetta and Guy van Rooyen of The Salyers Group / Hotel Covington fielded questions from Carol Butler, new Goering Center President, about how they have managed to positively impact the Covington community.

Dan Glier shared about his father starting the company in 1946, facing challenges of life after mom-and-pop stores, and navigating the trial-and-error of marketing.

Dan recalled the company’s attempt to shift from “demand push” to “demand pull,” which ultimately led to the idea of Goetta Fest.

When attention shifted to Guy van Rooyen, he made sure to then turn the spotlight to Covington. Guy reflected on seasons when Covington’s business has boomed, and times like the “death of retail” in the late 1980’s.

He had a dream, however, that a former department store, built in the early 1900’s, could become a boutique hotel. And in 2016, Hotel Covington opened its doors and is experiencing much success. City Manager Larry Klein has said of the building transformation “It just looks fantastic. My eyes about came out of my head.”

Covington is to Cincinnati what Brooklyn is to Manhattan.

Guy van Rooyen, CEO, The Salyers Group

Group photo of Guy van Rooyen (left), Carol Butler (center), and Dan Glier in front of Goering Center backdrop

Guy van Rooyen of Hotel Covington, left, Goering Center President Carol Butler, center, and Dan Glier of Glier's Meats.

Guy van Rooyen is also passionate about keeping Hotel Covington’s business and work “hyper local,” partnering with many companies from right here in the Tristate for hospitality, food and beverage products and more (especially his brand Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Furs).

Hearing these stories of resilience from two CEOs brought a sense of excitement to live in the Greater Covington area.